December 21st, 2004

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Workin' It

Today's Check-In Person was the Cute Geek Super, the outgoing young man with glasses who's about my height and about my age. I tagged around after him, picking up refinements and his method on performing the Check-In duties. He's got a more relaxed attitude than Check-In Chick, and while I highly admire her professionalism, I warm to him as a person more.

I'm discovering that I can take the vast majority of my Professional mask down at work, with this set of co-workers. I can be lively and cheerful and talk about some of the things -- not all of them, to be sure, but a decent selection of them -- that are important to me. Fanfic and LJ are probably mostly Right Out, and massive novelgeeking is a mismatch of interests.

I learned why the Check-In Person is last to leave -- we have to do number-crunching on the hours that the supervisors worked on any given job, and said crunching has to be done after the numbers are finalized, which means after the people leave.

Everyone gets plenty punchy-tired, working late. It's fun.

I like this job.

Early-Morning Oddities

amberfox, I think the Turtle left a message on our answering machine at around 1:44 our time, which would have been 2:44-ish your time. I was Out, doing last-minute Yule shopping at the time.

Keen detective work and a decent memory on my part matched the last name on the caller ID to yours, and made the reasonable assumption that the associated male first name would be your father's, and the baby talking would be the Turtle.

Silly Turtles playing with cellphones.
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Day Off, Dead Car.

Clover's husband the professional mechanic assures us that from the symptoms, the car's engine turning over and then dying a second or two later, is due to some mangling from the auto body place putting the ignition/security in/back in, and is the security setting that prevents someone from driving it with the wrong key going utterly caramelnutcluster paranoid and not letting anyone drive it, because it doesn't think it's the right key.

So my plans for grocery shopping are foiled. We'll walk to the closer grocery store shortly.
Jolly Burner

Dead Key

Thanks to wiseheron's timely tip, we discovered that it was the key, not the car, that went bad. But by this time, of course, the place where I'd planned on shopping had closed, and we'd already gone shopping elsewhere.

A replacement key for the one that no longer works is going to probably cost too much for the budget, but we'll manage somehow. We always do.
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