December 30th, 2004

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Mother/Bondmate Bonding, also, nanowrimo evil scheming

Called Darkside's to talk with his mother specifically about the topic of what to get him for Christmas (as the young man is notoriously difficult to shop for). We wound up not really having any more inspirations besides what I'd already settled on (dice and a burned CD of my favorite MP3s), but did discuss things like Harry Potter and the like.

Somehow, the topic got swapped to writing. Evidently there may be many iterations of The Golden Hand Award to be handed out to those attempting to assist Darkside in actually writing. I'm doing it gently, and his father's doing it somewhat less than subtly. I mentioned nanowrimo, and made cheerful noises to Darkside's mom about how fun it was, and the purpose -- not for good writing, but for getting actual writing done. Darkside's mom came up with a Brilliant Plan: supposing Darkside's dad used that as one of the Motivational Things? But, I said, that might not go over very well. Oh, he'd be doing it too, Darkside's mother said, and would then pull the, "If I can do it, you can" thing. "Here, you tell him about it."

So I klutzily explained nanowrimo to Darkside's dad.

If Darkside's dad manages to get Darkside to do nanowrimo next year, I will be extremely impressed.
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Darkside's father, Lord Malfoy, was the one who picked up the phone. Despite me saying who it was, and asking specifically to speak with "Darkside's mom", he didn't recognize me. (How many people call asking to speak with "Darkside's mom" instead of her actual name?) "Narcissa, it's ... Joanie ... for you...?" he said, passing me off to his wife.

"Hello, this is Narcissa Malfoy...?" she said, with the professional voice on.

"Hi, this is Joanie?"

"Oh, hi, Joanie!" she said, immediately warming up.
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Trimming the Playlist

Who would have thought that coming up with a random .mp3 mix CD to represent me to my bondmate would be such a production? I've been going through this whole collection, and out of nearly 2,000 songs, I have selected 36 to very likely go in the mix, and trimmed the list-to-look-at down to a mere 1003. That's half, that's a good job.

I'm not sure when this thing will be ready.