December 31st, 2004

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Writing -- bust or peace?

azwriter didn't show up at the writing group. easalle showed up just as I was getting ready to burn my final selections of music to disc. J didn't show up either. V, of course, was out of state. That left the two of us.

We went over the general bits of cuttingrmfloor together. I'm glad to hear that there are actually problems with it, problems I can fix. Beatrice doesn't always stay in character, and neither do other people, and it flows lumpily.

We both bugged out early. I headed off in the general direction of Mesa, and easalle hit the Willow House.
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Gift delivery to bondmate

I'd asked Darkside's mom about the best time to deliver gifts, and I figured that Thursday after Darkside got home from work would be the best time. So I left the writing group at the same time he would have gotten out of work, on the reasonable assumption that his work was closer to his house than the writing group was, so he'd get home sooner. I got a little lost (taking the 101 from the 60 was not the shortcut I imagined it to be, and I had to turn around when I realized that I was already about as far South as I needed to be) but managed to make it to Darkside's in a timely fashion to deliver holiday gifts.

I got to meet his grandmother, briefly.

His reaction to the dice? "They're spaaaarkly," with the same tone a small child might point out overcooked greenbeans. Heh. Men.

I think I got Parental Good Points by having small gifts for his parents and his grandmother. (Keychain clippies.)

Darkside's mom asked me if I had New Year's plans. I wasn't sure, as that depends on what my roommates are up to. I refused the invitation to stay to dinner, and blipped back out of there quickly, but not before having confections (lebkuchen) offered: one for me, a bag to share. I did collect a nice, warm, sweet hug before I left, one that was as warm in the bond as it was in body. Darkside, of his own accord, told me he'd be busy Saturday (his mother had already filled me in on the details).

Getting there after writing group doesn't take half as long as I thought it would. It was only 35 minutes coming back. That's a very reasonable time.
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Hospitality, availability

Darkside's parents invited me to stay for the meal (I'd showed up precisely at dinnertime, just before it had started). I politely declined, and made good my escape swiftly. I was chided, when the topic of why I hadn't stayed came up at the coffee house later.

I had my reasons. Collapse )