January 2nd, 2005

pretty, Francine

Peaceful Day

I've been reading back entries of the journal. My roommates have been watching Naruto and shuffling stuff around in the living room. I got to talk with my parents last night, and with Darkside today. I've been cleaning, albeit in a desultory fashion.

The Viking is coming over later. Ah well, nothing's perfect.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Bondmates are good: Tech support, computers.

Darkside still doesn't know what he'll do with Tigereye. I may then, after cleaning the room sufficiently to support her again, take her back in, and let him know that when he does get his finances squared away to a point that car insurance/school bills/rent wouldn't eat his entire income and he can move out on his own, that he's welcome to borrow her again.

He's now doing the tech support thing, finally. I'm sure he'll have many a tale to tell me once the really amusing calls start to hit him.

Past the place where words run dry, I'm very comfortable with him.
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teddyborg, geeky

Music Sort Function

I discovered that some of the music I was looking for that I knew I had wasn't actually listed in my music player. This led to me going through my music directory, sorting all the loose songs into the artist folders and forcing the music player to re-examine what it thought it had vs. what it actually had.

The sorting took about four hours, off-and-on, but I feel so much better having done it.
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