January 5th, 2005


Fanfic Fun for the Whole Friendslist

I finally asked wibbble and starbrow what I'd been meaning to ask for some time: could I please move my fanfic in with them? They said yes, much to my glee, and we spent the better part of this evening starting to get things set up.

A few things are still broken, so I can't get things up with headers except for that one initial story yet, but my fanfic will soon all be found at http://azurelunatic.slashgirl.org.uk, despite the relatively high incidence of gen and the occasional bit of het (I think).

I've been very thrilled over the entire proceedings, and I do so like playing with webpages.
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"Haven't we met?"

I unexpectedly ran into smmc while grocery shopping. At a distance, I mistook her for trystan_laryssa with an unfamiliar tall, be-hatted entourage, but it turned out that she was someone completely different, someone I may have met in person but it's not entirely clear where, or perhaps (likely) we haven't. We chatted and caught up on stuff in any case.

On the way home, it finally registered that the entourage reminded me of someone I used to be acquainted with back in Fairbanks, one of the Games of Adventure (duct tape sword) guys.

It's a small world, even when you turn out not to know the person you just ran into.
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Catching the Airplane: dream

Dreamed that I was trying to catch an airplane to go somewhere, along with a small group. We were held up at the security screening by what appeared to be an exploding bag (of the sort that gets one's stuff all over and stuck in the x-ray machine by mechanical jamming and getting caught in the belts, not banned/dangerous materials), and while I ran into my 1st grade birthday-twin and her brother because of this, we missed the flight.

The guy (who became my viewpoint character) tried to catch another flight.
And another.
He just kept missing the plane, sometimes by a matter of minutes. He was so mad.
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Rumors True: Six Apart buying LJ. Don't panic.

Brad confirms: LJ's really been sold, and he's all happy because he thinks he's as shitty at management as we think he is, and he likes their management style.

LJ's sticking around, not going to go poof. We'll get TrackBack, so woo! (for the non-technical among us: you'll get to see who's been linking to each journal entry, which rocks all kinds of socks.)

I'm cautiously happy, and I've asked a few questions on page seven or so of the growing wankfest of comments. bradfitz says he'll keep answering questions as they come in over the next couple days.

There will be a new TOS to review, and you will have to read/agree over the next few days in order to keep posting here. I'm not worried, but I am overcaffienated, which makes me hyper and jittery.
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Default Icon Change: Santa Lucia to Francine

Holidays are over, and I'm feeling especially pretty, so it's time to make Francine the default picture again. This is Francine from Strangers in Paradise, and she bears a remarkable resemblance to me, to the point where people who don't know SiP and do know me face-to-face have asked who I got to draw that of me. *grin*
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