January 15th, 2005

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Lightswitch Rave

I've been reading fanfic and so forth. marxdarx was dreadfully bored. I traumatized him with Snarry and H/D images and H/D fic. Hee.

V came over and we worked on her computer (the USB card seems to be intractable in her system, which sucks large quantities of horseshit milkshake through a vacuum cleaner hose, but the monitor works again) and then after not much happened, we wound up grocery shopping.

We tend to do that when we're stressed out from working on computers.

The system is, of course, down. Poor LJ. Internap's power -- all of it -- went out. Sizzle, fizzle. Here's hoping it'll be back up soon.
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My bondmate was home when I called, and my stress level was such that I wound up bawling over the phone to him somewhat, and sharing the whole current cluster of worries, plus some old ones that had come along for the ride once they figured out that I was dissolving and feeling horrible about things. As always, he had good words -- words to whack me over the head with a textbook and gather me back together again, soft and strong.

Marx had to use the phone, and Darkside was in the middle of whipping his mom's butt at LotR Trivial Pursuit, so I'll call back in a while. But he patched me.
running, bomb tech

Pet Rose

When V and I were out yesterday, we stopped by Trader Joe's. I finally got one of their little potted roses. This one is pink, and I have decided that it shall be my pet. It's just as spiky as a cat is, after all...
running, bomb tech


I attempted to get my eyes looked at today. That didn't go well. Sis was going to give me a ride, but it turned out that she was going to give me a ride to the place where she was staying, and then I was going to take the car and go get my eyes looked at. By the time she came to pick me up, I was not entirely functional. In the time it took me to get functional enough to drive again, they'd closed.

I did not react well to that.

Fortunately, bondmates are good at asking the right things to prompt me to surrender the built-up stress, and bondmates are good at saying precious words of healing and insight. They're also good for administering appropriate thumps on the noggin when one calls one's self nasty names.
running, bomb tech

Six Apart vs. LJ Downtime: not even!

For the record, it was a power failure at LiveJournal's server co-location facility, Internap that caused the LJ downtime. Complete power failure. Backup power went out. This has happened before (but I'm not sure when).

LJ's machines were with Internap before the Six Apart buyout. They've stayed there. LJ's buying Uninterruptable Power Supplies of their own so that this won't happen again, because Internap's power cannot be trusted fully.

This would have happened regardless of the buyout. The computers have been there at that same company for years. Sheesh, guys.
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Phone Time

I spent half an hour on the phone with Darkside being broken sometime after five this evening, and then I spent another fifteen minutes just before nine on the phone with him, and that time he got to tell me about his tech support.

I'm thoroughly overwhelmed by the idea that I'm important to him. Even though I've been important to him for quite some time, it impresses me when he tells me things that make me believe it.

Darkside has joined the growing group of people who believe that IQ tests should be a prerequisite for every computer user. User must be at least this smart to attempt to use our on-line system! He told me some mild horror stories.

I treasure the time I get on the phone and in person with my best friend. It's like a warm bath after a cold day, only better. Not only does he fix me when he breaks me, but he fixes me when other people break me as well...

"What I Did For The LJ Outage" by azurelunatic, aged 24

When I came home from shopping with V, LJ was down. I pouted, loaded up the spr0t IRC channel web client, and went to go and read some fine fic. I wound up chatting with marxdarx and getting very silly and traumatizing him with Harry/Draco, Harry/Snape, and attempted to share some Snape/Lupin with him, but failed to turn up anything interesting for "snupin" on Google Image Search.

"You're searching for 'snarry'? I don't know that word." -- marxdarx, before seeing images that made him want to scrub his brain out with steel wool and bleach.

Today, I mostly slept, and then chatted with assorted people. (I chatted with assorted people last night too.) Then I went off to try and get new glasses. Doom happened. I did get to see Clover's much-talked-about hen Little Bird. Little Bird is strikingly beautiful, with the full body you'd expect to see on a Rhode Island Red, but with gold feathers with black lacing like a Golden Sebright. She has a beautiful smooth pea comb, and amber eyes. She also needed a bath and a claw-trim (her butt-fuzz was soiled and her claws were too long) but on the whole, she was friendly and personable and very, very soft. I was able to catch her to hold her and pick her up and pet her; Sis got to pet her too. I would have caught her more easily if I'd had treats to lure her closer with. She talked to us a bit while I was holding her.

When I came home, I wound up calling Darkside. I'm glad that I only generally get to see his sweetheart side, rather than getting to see the grumpy face he presents to most of the rest of the world.

The sink-strainer needed replacing, so I went out and did that. Tomorrow, I'll probably go bed-shopping with Sis. The Little Fayoumis will be taking back the bunkbed, so I'll be back on uncomplex mattresses unless I replace the bed. The bunkbed, while nifty, is not the optimal solution for me.

LJ had come back up by the time I got back home, and I was able to post my queued entries with a few small problems, such as Semagic crashing on me excessively. All the entries got posted, though. Yay for posting.

Fanfic I read:
Cloak of Courage
xylodemon's Phoenix Song

Fanfic I didn't read yet:
Mistakes Men Make: WIP recced by amberfox
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Random shards of things, still coming to the surface

  • There are really only a few opinions that should count: friends/family/people you look up to as role models/the like. Everyone else can go blow Frank the Goat.

  • Doing things you'd regret afterwards is a bad idea.

  • Almost doing things you'd regret afterwards but not actually doing them is far better than doing them, and everybody has bad impulses sometimes. What matters is that you didn't actually go through with the really bad idea.

  • A friend with a crisis is more important than whipping your mom's butt at Trivial Pursuit.