January 21st, 2005

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Filk: Drains (TTO Weebl's "Scampi")


I've cleaned drains, I've cleaned them with my men
I've cleaned drains, some odd things go in them
Like bodies, pastries, sticks, rubbish, water, sewage, rodents, foliage, stunners, newt-bits
muties, cat hair
I've cleaned drains, I've cleaned them with my men
I've cleaned drains, some odd things go in them
Like bodies, pastries, sticks.

I started singing this (in an earlier format) at work on break, causing othercat to turn alarming colors, Motley to cackle, and the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor's husband to cover his ears, say things about "the voices", and bang his head on the break room table. I informed the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor that I thought I had broken her husband's brain.

After he went off-shift, he proceeded to inform me that I was evil, and elaborated that I was probably proud of it.

I figured it a good revenge, as he'd near-incapacitated me for a few minutes with laughter while I was processing the people to be checked in to my shift: he has a habit of checking in with a name other than his, and today he picked "Ricardo Montalban" as his pseudonym of the day. "You're in booth 176, Khan," I informed him, before cracking up laughing.

For those not familiar with the original, I have provided linkage and lyrics (for the less adventurous or work-safety-minded)

Scampi: (warning: links to flash animation with obnoxious looping song, clean but loud and earwormy)

I've seen things,I've seen them with my eyes,
I've seen things, they're often in disguise,
like carrots, handbags, cheese, toilets, Russians, planets, hamsters, weddings, poets, Stalin,
Kuala Lumpur,
pygmies, budgies,
Kuala Lumpur
I've seen things,I've seen them with my eyes,
I've seen things, they're often in disguise,
like carrots, handbags, cheese.
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Public Service: The Creeping Ick

malepregnancy.com, FYI, since the link's been going around, has a lot of creeping ICK on it, and will try to install stuff on your computer. The site's a well-executed joke except for the nasties. It took a round with SpyBot S&D and a reboot before Thalia felt well enough to access any new web pages or copy and paste again.
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Now nearly 90% content-free

The same things matter to me as have always mattered, of course: life, happiness, my sanity and the keeping of same, amusing myself.

Just turns out that right now work's taking the front priority because first off, I'm going places in the company, although I'm not entirely horrifically speedy about it (under a year's a decent amount of time to wind up in a position that supervises the comings, goings, and shufflings of employees for the entire datacenter with perhaps 200-300 phone goons, yes?), and since job = money, and money = economic freedom to do nifty things, and !money = !good ...

My shifts as check-in person are anywhere between 9 and 12 hours, as needed by the work at hand. So far we've made it to somewhat distinctly past 11 hours, with an entry time at 1:30 in the afternoon, and an exit time of very nearly 1 in the morning. In these past couple weeks, I've had Tues-Weds-Thurs on, and then another shift Sunday morning (in this case, only an eight hour shift or so). I will be working a 4 day week this week, as scheduled. If I come in as scheduled on Sunday morning, and leave after I've cleared up my shift, I will have worked at least 40 hours in this week. As there's unlimited overtime this week and next (there are some things that need to be finished by the end of the month, and what's needed is a lot of people working; it's a problem that can indeed be solved by throwing person-hours at the problem), I might just take a shift or two extra on the phones and get some time-and-a-half money. (Being on the phones would be a nice change of pace; I can't risk Executive Burnout. *looks in the direction of norabombay, hoping for a soda-spew*)

The journal's suffering from the workiness. Collapse )
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When I woke up this morning with the "Oh, shit" feeling, it was because I was sure I'd forgotten to do something last night, and the thing I was sure I'd forgotten to do was update the time-sheet by saving the time-sheet as an old one by date and type, then saving the clean time-sheet master as the new active time-sheet.

So I called the workplace and got the only supervisory-type person in the bullpen, who was able to look at the time-sheets and tell me that actually, the time-sheet was clean except for one person who'd worked that day already having signed out, so evidently I did that. I just didn't copy the evening hours sheet, and that's something today's check-in person can do without my help, and they may or may not notice that it hadn't been done earlier. It's a courtesy and a convenience, but not vital.

I feel a lot better.
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Alarm Clock

In which SithJawa writes a sonnet about her alarm clock.

I must admit that I use the "snooze" function on my alarm clock evilly. First I push it when I wake up for the first time. I may or may not go through a few snooze cycles still getting sleep. Once I'm up, though, I use it to keep me going through my morning routine. I have a bad tendency to get stalled at points of my morning routine. I can spend a good twenty minutes brushing my hair and examining my face minutely for blemishes, even though I can't do horribly too much with them. The snooze keeps me on track.
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Now, today's task (well, this afternoon's) is hauling Marx and boxes to his new place with his brother, the laid-back roommate, and whazzface Neko (black cat, in Japanese).
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O, vain excitement!

Marx put the wrong address into Mapquest. So we wandered around Mesa for five hours, including a trip to his mom's (she wasn't there) and a trip to a passing Denny's (which wasn't part of the original plan) before finally finding the place, after he realized his mistake with the address.

I went from beyond annoyed to rather amused by the third hour.

We did eventually find his brother's apartment complex and apartment, and got the carful of stuff unloaded.

He's never giving me directions again.