January 24th, 2005

running, bomb tech

Preening a Rose

I left my rose for about three days without watering it, and was horrified at what I'd done when I lifted the blinds and found my rose's drooping, dessicated blossoms looking me with accusing dead pink eyes. I watered it, and hoped for the best, and nipped off the dead blooms.

I noticed that the rose had perked back up again after being watered, so I went today and started trying to get the rest of the dead blossoms and buds that didn't look like they'd make it off the plant. In doing so, I noticed some leaves were falling off, so I started gently pulling away unhealthy sets of leaves. I realized, then, that this wasn't so very different than preening a pet chicken. With a chicken, you gently go through the feathers and loosen the dead, dandruffy feather shafts from the fully developed feathers, without disturbing the bloody pinfeathers. Tame chickens, and even some not-so-tame ones, appreciate the attention. It's a bonding activity much like brushing someone's hair for them.
running, bomb tech

the lonely hours

The apartment seems so very huge now that it's not stuffed with three other people and all their furniture.

I can get morose, rattling around here by myself with just little Miss Raven keeping me company.

Of course, one good solid mention of Darkside, and I glue myself together and wrap myself up in ribbon so I won't fall apart until he's there to undo me.
running, bomb tech

Beds and Cats

Sis came over with Clover's husband. He dismantled the bunk bed. I caught eris_raven, and we packed her off into the cat carrier.

She'll be happy to see shammash again, at least.