February 6th, 2005

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Panchromatic afterglow

I got to talk with Darkside today, in two little snippets: at work, on break, for four minutes, and then just now (8:55pm or so) for another nine.

Talking with him really makes my day brighter. I was grinning like a fool after talking with him on the phone in the supervisors' break room (so much quieter and more private than the phone goons' break room, though I like the phone goons' break room because I have friends there) and that got me through the rest of the shift. Then I got home and called him again, and was stunned for some minutes afterwards. He's so very warm and caring, and the thought that he becomes like this for me is overwhelming.

He has the stubbornness of Miles, the reserve of Gregor, the cunning of Illyan, the patience of Ekaterin (a lot, but only so much, and then Action!), the crankiness of Ista, the loyalty of Ivan, and the capacity for kindness and love of Cordelia. You know he's got to be a good one when I have to refer to several Bujold heroes to describe his virtues. (Though I wonder if he'd consider his stubbornness, crankiness, and reserve as virtues.)

Our voices got softer, more intimate, as we chatted. I'm not sure what would have happened if we'd been in the same room. Perhaps we wouldn't have had the nerve to keep talking, and lapsed into that charged silence that precedes the unthinkable being contemplated, the unforeseeable scryed out.

As it was, we were nearly whispering by the time we bade each other a good night. The touch of his voice like that is almost like the brush of his hand against my face.
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e-mailed to myself: post from work yesterday (written in snatches of time between insanity)

Hoo boy has it been a Day. It started out with chaos
and confusion, because someone had the wrong schedule
out, and nobody noticed until it was time to have
people come in.

Chaos followed, in the form of phone goons lined up
with nowhere to go as the schedule error was fixed.

The day was random, long, and rather scary. I almost
cracked a few times.

Fortunately for me, everything calmed down by 5:30,
and I was able to snag my second break
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Moving Month

Looks like ralmathon's headed out of town too. He got a job as a server admin! Yay!! Down side (for me, at least): it's waaaaaaaaay out of town.

I'm going to miss my big bro. He's actually harder to contact than Darkside, because Darkside lets me know when the good times to catch him are. With ralmathon, it's catch as catch can, except usually, catch can't.

I hope we'll have time to hang out together before he leaves. We've got about a week, it looks like.
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Head Update

Sinuses: still with the cloggage
Lungs: not happy with sinus drainage
Brain: relatively breakage-free
Pager: on
Bondmate: not doing anything (not even with me) this weekend
Earworm: the Swift song

I need to dig out my disc player, the one that plays .mp3s as well when they're on disc, and burn myself a copy of the Finest Worktape 3.0 (1.0 was on cassette tape, 2.0 would have been for audio CD, and I have to find enough of the original Finest Worktape songs and then fill in the 180 or so other blank slots on an .mp3 CD...) and take that to work with me for when I'm at the computer in the bullpen entering supervisors' notes about people shifting jobs into the computer.

Yesterday was fuckin' hell because of the schedule snafu in the morning, and all the shifts that would have been done on paper beforehand were done in person at the beginning of the shift, making about 1000 people go from job to job to make sure they were working on things they were good at or at least not bad at.

They're where? They're here, they're there, they're everywhere...
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running, bomb tech


Looks like Cute Geek Super (who was pretending he was
Check-In Princess for the morning) messed with my
spreadsheets. MINE!!

... not that I'm possessive or anything. No.
running, bomb tech

Work is fun.

Slow day today, looks like. If not for the un-fun of
not getting time with Darkside, I could get to like
this shift.


Ow, my headache. Grr.
running, bomb tech


Hee, hee. Short Chick Super made a Starbucks run. I've
been sipping Dew Livewire all evening. Now I have a
caramel frappucino.


I've gotta call trystan_laryssa.

I've gotta call Darkside.

Short Chick Super & Trendy Chick Super were being very
silly. A discussion about gay guys ensued.

I'm so hyper I'm making typoes.
running, bomb tech

Work is fun. Play is hard.

At work. Having fun. Slow night. Caffienated. Very.
Very. Most of us are chilling, and generally keeping
an eye on things while also surfing eBay for car
parts(Quiet Geek Super), reading (Short Chick Super),
and caffiene-tripping (Stressy College Chick Shift Ops
Super) and BSing about religion (Stressy College Chick
Shift Ops Super and me), kicking each other's butts
(Trendy Chick Super and Quiet Geek Super, who always
riff off each other and get hyper) and fighting over
Big Goth Super (Short Chick Super and Trendy Chick


Having fun, yes we are.

Darkside didn't answer when I called. It was probably
a touch too late, and the number at work doesn't come
up quite right. I'm still blushing anyway.

Motley was having computer problems, so I helped her
out some, because I know the monitoring system inside
and out.
running, bomb tech

Bored bored bored bored


Bored and hyper are very bad playmates. Tomorrow I am
going to be sooooooo tired.

Trendy Chick Super and Quiet Geek Super are sniping at
each other. They have so much fun with that. I think
it's hilarious.

I feel like I'm the only non-straight one here. It's

Stressy Chick Shift Ops Super is hyper because she's
not used to Starbucks and she slurped down a chocolate
chip frappucino very fast on nearly an empty stomach.
Heh, heh.

I like work.

I'm teaching Motley about stuff she needs to know for
being a monitor, like the lair in which the paper
towels are stored.

I also am a Resident Female Geek, which makes me able
to translate between Females and Geeks.