February 8th, 2005

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I hadn't realized that this pinkest of holidays was approaching until I pulled on a pink shirt (it was clean, I hadn't worn it in a while) and got comments about it at work in the context of the approaching Day of Gratuitous Luuuuurve.

The holiday is leaving me cold this year. I'm not getting all mushy over a romantic relationship that I really don't have as such, and I'm not angsting after what I don't need. I'm not getting hostile over people who need a jolt to get them out of their romantic rut, or the people trying to make a buck or three off people who need that external prompting to get them to express how they feel.

I know things will knock me back into the stream of proper time, but I feel outside of it right now. There's all this life going on, and I'm in my own little world, well-insulated from really caring about the things that the other people of my generation are getting all excited or bothered about.

Part of it's work. I know that I'm alien to my co-workers, but that doesn't bother me. I'm not as alien as I thought to the people who do matter. I'm not sure if I want to go out into the world when I have such a nice slice of Underhill in my mind. Is it possible to become ageless when you have no children around to remind you of how old you're getting?

The weeks seem short when you go to work on Friday, work all weekend, and then Monday night, won't have to work again until Friday. Never mind that you pulled a thirteen-hour shift...
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Casting: Ginger

Every now and then, there's a thing going around that asks who would play you/your friends if a movie of your life were ever made. This, of course, is fairly silly, because leaving aside the "Who among us are ever going to warrant a movie of our lives being made?" question, the actors who we'd choose to play us now (for those LJers who are, say, under 30) would probably be too old to look good in the role by the time enough people have noticed us and our assorted things to want to do a movie of our lives.

I decided a while ago that really, Drew Barrymore was the person I'd cast as me, because she can do quirky very, very well, and she's the closest actress I've found who looks very much like me. (Opinions are subjective.)

Now I've found someone to cast as my oldest friend, Ginger. (Ginger is very much not a technophile, so she doesn't have an LJ, and she doesn't play well with computers. I haven't talked with her in aaaaages.) Her name isn't Ginger, of course. If you called her that, she'd either look at you blankly or start talking about Dykes to Watch Out For. I assigned the group of us ten-year-old best friends all names: it was Ginger (the spicy one), Gaia (the down-to-earth), and Galadriel (the delicate and ethereal), and me.

Today Little Black Book was playing, and I was immediately struck by how much Brittany Murphy looked like Ginger in that role. I'm sure they look nothing alike in real life, and I know that the character that she played in Little Black Book is nothing like Ginger in personality, but she has the energy to play Ginger, and she can probably get the edgy radical feel of Ginger if she's any good at acting. Most of all, Ginger smiles like this, and so does Brittany Murphy.
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Nutty Loony, silly projects

Something that I just found on the Friends List of Doom: a Valentine's Day Mix List meme. Make a 14 song mix representing the holiday.

I've now got playlist bunnies for three distinct mixes:

Bondmate Mix: songs of special meaning between Darkside and me, even if only on my end of the bond. Not necessarily related in any way to love, just significant in some weird way.
Traditional Love Mix: my favorite love songs.
Screwed-Up Love Mix: Includes things like "If you love somebody, set them on fire", and "They'll Need a Crane."