February 9th, 2005

Raven, Eris, kallisti, shiny


Hi, Universe. Nice to see that I'm still loved/needed/necessary/useful.

Thanks for doing this on the weekend.
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loud fayoumis

Happy New Year!

Whee, rooster!

The bird depicted in the icon is actually a hen, and does not belong to me. Her name is Amoral, and she looks like she earned her name.
Jolly Burner

Actual Trial Transcripts (evidently)

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teddyborg, geeky

Happy fun with Google:

Google now does backwards searches on white pages. Enter phone number! Get name and address (if listed) associated with same!

I found myself. I found FatherSir. I didn't find Sis or Darkside. I found an assortment of other people.

If having yourself google-able by your phone number is a privacy concern for you, Google your number, then fill out a Google phone book removal form with the name and number to be removed.

Thanks to wiseheron for pointing out the privacy concerns; thanks to drgnmstrslash for pointing out the feature.
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Housewife's Lament

Cooking Time

It's Wednesday night, day 2 of the three-day weekend, and I skipped out on writing group. Why? Because the tears of the Muses were in the air, and the Lillim were prowling around the perimeters looking for prey.

First I slept the night-terrors away, then I shopped, then I cooked. The fancy appliances are getting packed, packed, packed, so I made do with the big round silver pot for the rice, and boiled it soft, dumped in the mushroom soup, and fried a frozen hunk of hamburger to mix all together. Pepper, garlic salt, onion powder. There was far too much, so I scooped it out into freezer-bags for later. Cooking for bachelors.

There's enough for many days of work lunches, those days when I just have time to grab something out of the freezer and toss it in my lunch sack.

I fried the rest of the hamburger into crumbles with mushrooms and onions, and bagged those up and tossed them in the freezer as well. Bachelor cooking.

I need to do something to get my mind off life and stuff, so I won't run amok and kill something.
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