February 10th, 2005

teddyborg, geeky

Startup Noise

Anyone know where I can find a .wav of the noise of an old computer booting up? The distinctive disk-drive grunt, followed by the beeps?

Because it's far too late for most sane people on a weeknight, I'm both dreadfully bored and trying to be productive. Thus, I've somehow decided that tricking out my computer the way I want it is productive, even though I should be doing more sorting and packing.

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Life updates:

Still madly in love with my best friend.
Still working on writings.
Still working at the same workplace, though with the new brilliant uncertain schedule and uncertain duties (I never know what I'm going to wind up doing any given day).
Still moving. Still packing piecewise.

I need to return the favor by loaning out the Young Wizards first five books omnibus while I watch Utena.
teddyborg, geeky

Packages (girl and geek both happy)

V sent me a package via UPS, and it arrived today. I'm car-sitting for her while she's gone. I'm also watching and upgrading her computer.

This package was the power cord to the computer, and around the sheet of foam packing material, she put in kisses to make up the rest of the space.

Both geek and girl are happy, though the geek is concerned because this is Arizona, and the kisses could have melted on the cord. Not that it would have done anything but cosmetic damage, but still.
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The office has a number of apartments that it might be possible for me to move into. When the lady in the office comes up with a list of them, I'll wander over to all of them to scope out the location, and see which location I prefer. I'm after an upstairs apartment: first, studio apartments have either patios or balconies, and I want a balcony, and second, it's a little more secure. I'm an Air creature. I like heights, just not depths. (A "depth", in my personal lexicon, is something you might be able to fall into. Thus, standing on a chair to pin lights up has both a height and a depth associated with it. Going up past the first layer of balconies in the theatre was a serious depth, and I wouldn't go.

There's no more precise time than "around the end of the month" given yet. So. I wait, I pack.

easalle, I think I may want your help: both with putting stuff in boxes, and also with the moving of boxes to the new place.

Moving is stressful, even when it's very localized.
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