February 11th, 2005

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Phone, internet

Since I'm moving, I have to swap over the phone, internet, and electricity to the new place. I'm sort of at a loss for how to do this. Should I stay with the same service providers? Should I ditch the landline, get a cellphone, and keep a bag of emergency quarters for the pay phone by the weight room in case of cellphone failure? Should I go DSL or cable? Should I get VoIP?

I'm thinking that since it's just me, and I'm going to be at work so very much, I might want to go with a cellphone. That way, I'll get the most out of my phone service, my phone can go with me where I wind up going, and I'll be less tied to a location. Who knows, maybe Thalia would get along well with the phone.

I have serious gadget envy of Sis's new phone. I want a shiny little thing with a camera and a color screen and so forth.
running, bomb tech

Connectivity Epiphany

I've realized whose advice I really, really need on the internet/phone question.

Darkside's dad's.

Heh, heh.
running, bomb tech

Cunning Plans

The reason I say that I need to consult with
Darkside's father on this issue is largely political.
Leaving aside the fact that he's local and he's had
experience with at least some of the service providers
that I'm interested in, it would be a good move for me
to be seen consulting the head of household of the
young man I'm courting, especially as said head of
household has Authority Issues (namely, if Darkside's
father isn't the authority, he has an issue with

Darkside considers me one of his closest friends.
Darkside's mother likes me. Darkside's father isn't
quite sure what to make of me. I would like Darkside's
father's blessing in my courtship of Darkside. This
means sucking up.