February 20th, 2005

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Good day, bad day.

Bad day: work was hell, and I wound up leaving early. My brain was not there. Guess who forgot feminine products this morning? Guess who needed feminine products this morning? Hellooo Bitchy Witchy Week.

Good day: after I pulled my brain back together somewhat, enough to be semi-functional (after an hour talk with Darkside), took the *(*&(*(#@$*((* painkillers (cramps are absolutely no fun), I wound up going grocery shopping with trystan_laryssa, who was taking a very grouchy and gimpy Loren. Loren on her own has a formidable grouch-potential. Ill and injured Loren needs a SWAT team. Despite the grouch-factor, there was a lot of silliness and assorted other fun.

After that, we wound back up at trystan_laryssa and dustraven's. Figment was there. Figment gives backrubs and doesn't set off my perimeter alerts even when I'm having a really bad day. That was good.

Two different people at work have now asked if Figment and I are brother and sister. trystan_laryssa told us that today too. Odd.


It sucks to be the customer on the other end of the "service" sometimes.

One problem gets fixed, another gets caused. Yahoo! was fixing the fact that my trash folder wasn't displaying all messages, and in doing so, reset the folder views to descending by date, not ascending by date. This caused no little consternation, as I hadn't reset it, and couldn't get it to stay set by clicking the little bloody sort-arrow.

After I figured out that it was some klutz having mucked with my account, I was able to re-reset it myself, but grr.

What was this, turning the vase just a little so I'd be sure to know they were inside?
running, bomb tech

Moving Crap

Things, including the bulk of my booze collection, have been boxed up. Almost everything remaining in the main room is now mine, but there are still a few things left.

The Little Fayoumis is playing with the neighbor kids.

A prospective tenant came by around 11 or so, knocked, then tried the door. She looked nice, like she'd be an instant friend. She wandered off.
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A healthy helping of WTF!?!? (in other words, sad news about Hunter S. Thompson)

Hunter S. Thompson is dead, evidently suicide. link via metaphorge; I found the news item originally through bbcnewsworld.

He was one of the writers I regret never having met. A notice to all readers: if you have a favorite author, and a safe, sane, and financially sound opportunity to meet them, do so. I never went out of my way to look for an opportunity to meet him; I didn't even really think about it. But he was one of the people I think I would have enjoyed having a group dinner with during a con, and I regret that no future opportunities, barring the possibility of hoax/scientific miracle/sacred miracle, will arise.

In homage, I offer a link to the best send-up of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I've ever found, by the Temple ov thee Lemur:

Fear and Loathing in the Millenium Dome

and also metaphorge's re-post of Thompson's position on politicians.

Also, in news crucial to all fans/fanficcers of Warner Brothers media: an important Warner Brothers lawsuit. (Thanks for the heads-up, ataniell93!)
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