February 22nd, 2005

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Supervisor fun

Today Cute Geek Super took me under his wing. That was fun. He teaches computers so I can grok them, because he doesn't treat me like an end-user.

It looks like most of supervising is motivating the phone goons and so forth, and manipulating sample and writing reports. I actually think I can do this. I went from terrified at the beginning of shift to actually kind of liking it by the end of the shift. The fact that the team on the two Yakovitch Catering projects utterly kicked butt as far as production went, did not hurt the attitude. (Cute Geek Super told me to run those two, with him over my shoulder, so I did so. Whee!)

I've also learned that the supervisory area is hazardous to sanity, and that the Check-In position is lucky in not having to share a computer with anyone else.
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...and all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

The battery in the security remote for V's car died.

Without the battery, the remote won't disarm the security system (which automatically re-arms itself). Without the security system disarmed, the car won't start. Without starting, the car won't drive. Without the capability of driving the car, I'm grounded but for the feet and the bus and the kindness of local associates for the nonce.

It's the little things in life that make you appreciate the big things.

(The battery waited to die until I was home and not going anywhere other than work for just a bit.)
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Battery, rain, and time-crunch.

Fry's didn't have a tiny little 12v battery, but the dollar store did. I was so relieved that I didn't have to go all the way to Radio Shack and get some likely-expensive battery that might not even solve the problem. And I put it in the remote and opened the apartment door and clicked the button at the car -- and it worked! The car blinked, unlocked, and then I locked it back up again.

There has been rain all this past week. V sent back an e-mail mentioning that if the remote got wet, it would stop working until it dried out inside, and that might be a problem.

The sky has been beautiful -- either covered in clouds, or entirely overcast, or the sort of patchy cloud that makes me dream of summer days in Alaska and flying. I have a very large, sturdy, black umbrella.

I have two and a half days to get everything boxed up so that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday can be un-interrupted Moving of Stuff. Eeep.