February 26th, 2005

running, bomb tech

Day: Moving!!

Stayed up v. late due to a clergy-call.
Woke up 5 hours later with Sis coming in to help start the moving process. She had no boxes, eek.
Obtained key to new apartment.
Discovered that door to new apartment did not lock.
Pointed this out to Management.
Management said they'd "fix that".
Packed a few boxes.
Sis left. Clover came with more boxes.
Huffed off to have a nap.
Started moving things of lesser importance that would be OK if tampered with/stolen into the new place.
Oversaw the maintenance witch fixing the door in between boxes.
Reached the burnout point just as the door was finally fixed (well, a little before then, but I kept on trucking...)
Locked up tight, showered & changed, went off to relax and give plasma & get more boxes from jetpack_monkey.
Had difficulty finding jetpack_monkey's apartment complex/apartment in the dark.
Fought with boxes & lost, due to insufficient muscle strength remaining & low blood sugar.
Fixed low blood sugar upon return home.
Took another trip to the new apartment with a few things, and unpacked two boxes so the boxes could be re-used.
Got back just in time for the 22:00 clergy call. Unraveled a few things about the situation that had been bothering my undermind.
Now. Exhaustion. Bed. Up tomorrow in time to greet, organize, and join the Lost Boys and the associated moving party. I have remnants of pizza, mozzarella sticks, and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, plus far too much soda. We'll do just fine.
running, bomb tech

King of Birdbrains no more!

On Monday, King of Birdbrains quit. I took great satisfaction in telling him that today, I was not the person to talk to about quitting -- go see the Check-In person, or the Shift Ops Supervisor.

I'm sure he would have been a perfectly likable co-worker, after he got over the heavy flirtation, the poor attendance, the not performing up to standards on the phones, and the standing on chairs.