March 1st, 2005

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Stress-testing (posted after the fact as I still haven't got the 'net here)

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door and turned on the lights was the rose in its little pot. "Hey, didn't I leave that somewhere else?" my tired mind fuzzily observed.

Next, I noticed that the light from the kitchen was illuminating too much of the living room. "What gives?" I asked myself.

Then, I noticed the kitchen cabinets. Instead of cheerfully ensconced on the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room areas of this reasonably-sized studio apartment, they were on the kitchen floor amidst the scattered and spilled remains of their former contents.

I shall be notifying the office in the morning that implementation is observing a few bugs.
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Evening Fun: more moving (not mine) and massive giggle attack

On my way back from the Willow House, I decided to stop by and see if trystan_laryssa and/or dustraven needed any help with their moving process. They sure did. Evidently I am getting the gift of slightly-better timing. I'd been paranoid that Figment would come by here while I was at the Willow House and find me gone, and evidently he did come by and find me gone, but decided to drop by to see our mutual friends. There they were, in need of help, and there I was.

trystan_laryssa and I had a good old-fashioned girl-talk about almost everything under the sun, and she knows when it is that she's supposed to page me now, at any hour of the day or night.

I was tired and a little hungry and still very sore, so my condition degenerated from Silly Lunatic to full-on incoherent zombie mode fairly rapidly. Ordinarily, the story about Figment eating napkins might not have made me fall on the floor and laugh for five minutes, nor would the reference to Figment and his cans of soup have made me point and laugh quite so much.

But we got the stuff that needed the U-Haul van all moved, and everything else, we can take care of tomorrow with the station wagon configured for hauling.

trystan_laryssa has decided that Figment and I should have been twins, because we started out thinking a lot alike, and our recent getting to know each other better has resulted in us developing hilariously identical mannerisms.

Figment's still worried about me re: recent elephants, and evidently my tired and incoherent state was the cause of some small worry as well. Last night, I went more than slightly off the deep end over the inevitable result of my reaction to the elephants, and since I've gathered a reputation for maintaining some semblance of control (Darkside's one of the few of the current social group who's seen me completely unhinged), that caused definite concern. After getting some ibuprofen, water, and sharing trystan_laryssa's snack, I re-hinged enough to coherently drive home, but they were worried and I wound up borrowing their roommate's slightly-broken cellphone so I could call them and they could make sure I had gotten home safely.

Fortunately for my being able to Get Away With Stuff, Darkside and Figment have not yet teamed up to go all bondmate/brother teamwork at me. I'm alternately curious and scared as to what they'd wind up doing.
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Damage Report

I told the apartment manager about the problem. It looks like my unit is not going to be one of those stress-free units, just from the first few days (door not locking, keys to storage closet missing, no shower curtain rod yet, hot water in kitchen sink not hooked up/hooked up right, the kitchen cabinets falling, and then the thing I discovered last night: the shower tap is hooked up in such a funky way that it turns on with warm water, stutters to a stop surrounded by hot water, and then turns on full blast with warm water again. That last was less than thrilling after the day I'd had.

I got the mess cleaned up as best I could. "As best I could" involved some hard work with the dustpan and whisk broom before throwing in the towel and setting the kitchen rug from the old apartment over the rest of the disaster, the removal of all salvageable or broken items from the disaster, and the clearing off of the counters.

One ice cream tub of flour had exploded all over everything. One ice cream tub of baking soda had exploded all over everything. Almost all of the breakables (glass jars) were remarkably intact, though some had leaked into the mess. A container of hot chocolate powder had also lost its top all over.

After I was able to assess the damage, I found that out of what could have gone wrong, a lot didn't. I was able, from the position of stuff and what was broken, to reconstruct the path that the cupboards must have taken in their little trip. Collapse )