March 3rd, 2005

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Meds Tool

Check My Meds lets you select and enter the meds you're on to check for not only drug interactions between the different drugs, but also drug/food interactions. If you use caffeine or alcohol, try entering those as well.

Link via amberfox.
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Items: yesterday, today, tomorrow, reality

Internet should be on tomorrow.

trystan_laryssa needs to spend more time on LJ. She saw my new apartment, and evidently it feels very much like the old one.

I have more errands to be running, but I'm running some on here. Yes, I do too have online errands. Some of them needed to be done before meatspace errands. Yes.

I have e-mailed much of the current Team on new address/schedule etc. I still lack Figment's e-mail address. Figment, Darkside, and ralmathon need to meet at some point. I am to hope that ralmathon won't threaten to beat up Figment. Big Brother meets Evil Twin. Uh-oh.

There is too much sun. I am outside at the Willow House with an extension cord.

Bond communication not quite calibrated, not quite reflecting c'thia yet. (Incidentally, that's a very useful word. It's from Spock's World by outofambit, and it roughly means "the truth that reflects reality".) The danger is when you start hearing voices and trust what they say all the time without double-checking them against c'thia. When you believe everything your own head generates, when you stop asking, "Is this really how it is?" then you're certifiable and have utterly lost your grasp on reality and everything it entails.

I am tentatively happy about some social/esoteric stuff I thought was irredeemably fux0red.

trystan_laryssa and dustraven are almost all moved. I get on with their roommate as well, which was a worry, as he was an Unknown Factor. Their place, my place, and Figment's place must all be brought to be livable. Figment's told me that the next Big Project is cleaning his place, and since I cheerily volunteered him to help move me, he's cheerily volunteering me to help him clean. And that's quite all right with me, because we're each other's Evil Twin. (Yes, there is a lot of TMBG-singing when we're together. Especially "My Evil Twin" and "Why does the sun shine?", but we should probably also start singing "Where Your Eyes Don't Go" as well. Warning: singing "Why does the sun shine?" around me will now most likely make me hyper. If I can resist the hyper, and I don't need the hyper, I may whack people over the head.

It's been an interesting week. It's been a really, really, REALLY interesting week.

I want some good solid time with Darkside. Like, NOW.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to nalidoll.
phone, cordless phone

Honey, I'm home.

New apartment now has phone and internet connectivity. Be aware that if you had any of my old phone numbers, they're actually not current anymore.