March 4th, 2005

high energy magic

Fun with Energy

"Bruising reality" is actually fun to do on a small scale with finesse; done like that, reality doesn't mind so much, and no one gets headaches. Figment strobes too much to be settling to watch shielded; we finally figured out that he's AC, and swaps polarity with his heartbeat or a little faster. I'm AC too, but I swap polarity when I breathe.

I love this sort of play and exploration. I really do dreadfully miss playing with my preferred partner.
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Link Soup & Randomness

A birth control rant by cmpriest, at 6 pages of comments currently. Contains copious, bolded use of the F-word.

Rant on Frienditto and why no one should be using this. If anyone on my friends-list has signed up for this service, please let me know.

Saturday, I probably won't be in pretty much all day: first, I have work; second, I have a housewarming party to attend after work.

amberfox: a proper cubicle needs a small stuffed penguin of some sort, scissors, a caffeine stash, a calendar suitable for writing/stabbing, and materials with which to look either very productive or at least very busy. The friendslist in general: what else is essential for a cubicle?

Randomly: I like it when hot and powerful geekboys who I admire tell me I'm beautiful.

When I was perhaps ten, and swallowtayle was using the little wooden tabletop loom, and I wanted to weave too because it looked cool, I took some Constructs and built my own little plastic loom. I'm not sure where the bookmark I made wound up. It may have gotten lost in the shuffle. I was very proud of myself.
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Almost bedtime, and the panic sets in. Where do I go? How do I escape? I'm alone here, and I don't know how to get the human contact I've been craving. I talked with amberfox. I talked with Aunt-Fayoumis. It's too late to call Darkside. It's too early to call Figment, and we'll both have to be up early tomorrow morning. It's too late to try going out.

It's limbo.
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Where are whose wings?

On Wednesday, I wore wings to the plasma place.
Today, when I was there again, I didn't have any wings on.

One of the managers there, one of the ones who thinks I'm a sweet kid and calls me by name when he sees me, asked me where they were.

Butterflies gotta go shopping sometime...