March 6th, 2005

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Housewarming (apartmentwarming?)

After work, went over for the housewarming party. Things didn't get started until late-ish, so I had to bow out as Galadriel was talking about things which have ... not yet come to pass.

trystan_laryssa and her roommate pointed out a cute little side effect of a certain framed poster that Figment and I weren't aware of: the fact that the plastic cover sheet made a very good mirror pointing at the kitchen where we thought we were standing out of sight. It's things like this that have made us very, very determined that we will not demonstrate the new heights of not-on-task we've discovered while we're within hollering range of the work site. Imagining the looks on Pink Shirt Guy and Really Old Lady Monitor's faces is funny, but not that funny.

Today at work, I trained for supervisor, then was snagged off to monitor. They were short monitors today because two people didn't come in, and then it was a short shift. Whee, short shift. Sort of.
running, bomb tech


I dreamed I was pregnant.
I dreamed something utterly confusing in a universe that had far too many mega-stores.
I dreamed that I was the son or little brother or nephew of the pregnant woman and that I was suddenly carrying the same child too.
I had WEIRD dreams.
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It's still too buggerin' early. I need more sleep. Instead, I'm off to work to pretend to be a serious, studious, brilliant, perky, smart supervisor trainee.
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Phones are good things.

Called Darkside. Yay, Darkside. 17 minutes. Updated him on a good chunk of the stuff going on, especially the bit where he's the emergency contact should I utterly flip out of my mind and start trying to destroy chunks of my soul. (Unlikely to happen, but since I have a history of some very funky depressive episodes, I don't ever want to be in a position where I am WITHOUT an emergency contact who knows how to talk me down/take me down in case I go off the deep end.)

TMI was exchanged.

Told Darkside more about my evil twin, and reminded him that if it ever comes down to it, a Best Friend beats an Evil Twin any day. Just so, you know, he'll know who comes first. Still. Always.

I'm still operating on a severe Darkside deficiency. I didn't get half enough time with him last weekend (moving), I didn't get half enough time with him this weekend (he was busy, he's exhausted) and I won't get half enough time with him next weekend (he has plans with old friends).

Also, what the hell is it with people's friends getting married off all of a sudden?
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