March 7th, 2005

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Bad Internet! Also, courtship strategies.

Can't ping out of Mordor. Network must be down.

I took a nice solid nap for two hours, and now I'm wide awake again. I should probably do laundry.

Figment and I had a long chat about things, including buttons to avoid pushing, and plots for the courtship of Darkside. The current active plot involves pointing certain things out to Darkside in such a way that it will help him realize any latent feelings he may have for me if he has them, won't send him running screaming if he doesn't have them, and especially won't send any latent feelings running and screaming.

That last bit, of course, is crucial. I do not intend to spoil any of my hard-won chances to court Darkside by doing anything so very crass and blatant like making an overt ploy to seduce him and/or convince him that he's my One True Love. Instead, I want to get him started honestly thinking about his feelings and his reasoning for having the feelings he does (or doesn't).

To that end, Figment got me started on making a requirements list for any long-term mate, classified by whether it's a need or a want, and also classified by whether it's a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual trait. I've been finding that the places that Darkside does not meet my requirements are largely low-priority. (Well, duh.)

With my knowledge of Darkside, I determined that it would be probably best for me to simply start sharing some of the things I've learned about what I really want with Darkside. These are not necessarily going to be things that he excels at, but I will let him know the priority rating on all of them.

The two highest-priority items, of course, are that I need a lifemate to also be a bondmate, and that a lifemate would need to love me in return. He's got the bondmate part down. And he's the one who will ultimately discover if he loves me and is willing to admit it or not.
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Telephone Hackery

For most telephone service providers, pressing '90#' on the telephone will allow the person on the other end of the line to charge long-distance calls to your bill. If someone attempts to entice you into pressing this sequence, it's probably a scam. If you've fallen prey to this scam, contact your phone company.

In other news, I really hate it when people forwarding around assorted warnings about viruses, hacks, and so forth have the warning so badly formatted that it's hard to read. The alarmist nature of the language of most of this sort of warning is also annoying. I hate being talked to like I'm stupid, even though I know it's generally nothing personal. I'm just clueful. Joe & Jane Average User aren't. It's still annoying.
Housewife's Lament


Now that I've tried to wash the dishes for the first time in the dishwasher, it transpires that the dishwasher was not properly hooked up.

I shall go wax mildly wroth in the morning.

Like I said, the first tenant gets all the lemons.
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Hackin' it Oldschool

Back in 1997, my high school programming teacher took a shine to me, as I was one of the few Real Programmers he had in the class. In any high school class where a talent's required, you have your usual assortment of good and bad students -- and then a few who just shine. I was one of the shining.

To the shining star students in any programming class, you pass on all the tricks you learned that got you where you are. This included, of course, the hacking tricks, at least those that you figured would be harmless enough to give to a responsible high school student.

My teacher proposed that I craft myself a good ring-tone, then make a cunning little program to pose as the C: prompt, a program that would just ring, and ring, and ring. The programming lab was a high school classroom with desks in the center and an assortment of recycled crapboxen lining the room, most of them powered-up sitting on the C: prompt. No one would notice anything out of the ordinary about one of them booted up, not until they tried to use it. A cunning program would have waited intermittently between sets of rings, and not ring long enough so that anyone could figure out where it was coming from.

I didn't ever code it, of course. I was a Good Girl, and I had too many programming projects to try and do as it was. But it was a funny thought, and every now and then, something reminds me of it.
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