March 8th, 2005

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Problem solving

Last night was interesting. I started freaking out over some of the silliest things, and Figment came over, because a freaking-out Lunatic is always a bad thing.

This, of course, resulted in me meeting some of Figment's more obscure mental parts, as well as me hashing out something that had been bothering me for a decent amount of time now. Love for love's sake is always love. Love for the sake of replacing something missing in my life results in me screaming in utter agony, screaming on a frequency that few other people can hear. Mystery solved.

One thing that Figment and I do have in common is a liking for certain Disney animated movies. Figment vaguely recalled a quote from The Little Mermaid, a quote directed at Prince Eric about Ariel that is ... all too applicable in the current mess. My Google-fu served me well.
(Fade to castle at night. Eric is playing the flute and contemplating as Grimsby approaches.)
Grimsby: Eric, if I may say, far better than any dream girl, is one of flesh and blood, one warm and caring, and right before your eyes.
Figment wants to take that concept and smack a certain blonder half of mine upside the head with it.

Nice auroral activity back home.


Eventually, this apartment will have all of my things unpacked in it, and I'll be settled in comfortably. Eventually. I'm working on getting further towards there today. So far, I've gotten a large box of clothes completely put away in the closet, plus several other things of lesser note but equal impact. It's getting there. It'll keep getting there as long as I keep bringing in boxes from the balcony and putting them in places where they should go.

The trick is to not stack things in front of the places that things are supposed to be put away in. The closet's all clogged up with the boxes of stuff that were supposed to have been in the cabinets. The kitchen counter can't get its things put away correctly because it needs to be able to be cleared off next week.

Now that I have all the furniture in place, of course, I then realize that I have the desk and the bookshelves swapped for where they should be. The desk should be in the corner with my computer, rather than having perfectly good bookshelves in that place. The bookshelves are less of a private area than a desk is.

FlyLady has moving tips. Too bad I didn't look those up earlier...

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Fwd: 12 Star Wars Pick-Up Lines

Credit has been lost in forwarding process. Seen in the old Sith Academy e-mail list, printed, and typed up again so that I can throw out the paper, as the paper's been hanging up on my wall for a good three and a half years and has gotten a little gross. This is from the Phantom Menace era, naturally. Yoda-speak has been corrected for grammar.
Top 12 Pick-Up Lines Used by Star Wars Fans

12. Hey, beautiful! What's a nice girl you doing waiting in line without bathing for 12 days?
11. Your place or my Mom's?
10. I ... uh ... ummm ... I ... uh ... *slaps own forehead* Stupid! STOO-pid!
9. You're even prettier than my fantasy girlfriend.
8. I may look like an Ewok, but I'm all Wookie where it counts, baby!
7. Date, or date not: there is no 'just friends let's be'!
6. If you only knew the power of the Dork Side.
5. How's about a long time of Joe, in a bedroom not far away?
4. Nice buns, princess! On your head, that is.
3. Honey, you've been looking for love in Aldaraan places!
2. If I said you had a mint first-edition, still-in-the-box action figure, would you hold it against me?
1. I'm gonna be an evil warlord when I grow up. Want a Milk Dud?

I get the bonus points for having used #10 (on ralmathon), and getting back #7, though it was "date not". (Just friends we are now, yes.)
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