March 9th, 2005

running, bomb tech


One of Figment's heroes? Richard Feynman. I knew there was a reason we were evil twins. Figment was surprised that I wasn't in the same age range he is. He pings 4-8 years younger than he is, and I ping as 4-8 years older than I am. Heh, heh. (We're actually 12.5 years apart, which makes him half again my age at this point.)

I officially have a new fandom: Beauty & the Beast, the one with Catherine and Vincent. Figment thought I'd like it and he was right.

Figment is, by nature, just as messy as I am.

Figment and I stayed up far too late discussing Babylon 5 and assorted spinoffs. He asked me whether I'd ever heard of that show. When I could stop laughing five minutes later, I eventually pointed out, "Would I say that I think that Darkside's mother thinks that I'm her last, best hope for grandchildren if I'd never heard of B5?"
running, bomb tech

A wild night is now pre-ordained (I may be detained)

Just as I was talking with Tay-Tay and getting ready to leave for plasma and writing group, the maintenance guy came over to get stuff in working order. So I'm stuck here until -- ah, everything seems to be in order. Yay.

I'll still be a little late, it looks.
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