March 10th, 2005

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The brain, she has broken.

Stuff that's been stressing me out over the past few months:

  1. My roommates breaking up.
  2. Having my priestess-confessor go on up-training leave.
  3. Training for new positions at work.
  4. Assorted drama associated with roommates leaving, including holes in walls.
  5. Crisis management of a crisis not mine.
  6. Having to move before I was ready to.
  7. More training for new positions at work.
  8. Having illusions about my childhood and people I knew then shattered brutally.
  9. Grieving for people who are now dead to me.
  10. Dealing with a third bond and all that entails, including my evil twin's trademark "get to know me like a fire hose" communications style (I share this style, and don't mind it, but it takes a lot of attention).
  11. Packing and moving.
  12. Not getting to talk to Darkside half enough.
  13. Dealing with the crises associated with the new apartment (cabinets, door lock, dishwasher, and a thousand smaller things).
  14. Helping friends move.
  15. Helping my #3 bondmate deal with his life and grief and those things about him that I am uniquely suited to understand.
  16. Actually living by myself for the first time in my life.
  17. Not getting to talk to Darkside even a quarter enough.
  18. Darkside's reaction to my new bond/bondmate.
  19. Extreme spiritual Freaky Shit going on.
  20. Cumulative emotional stress causing work problems.

With all this, my multitasking ability has been shot to shit, because I'm already focusing on too many things at once. I had a long talk with V tonight; she was worried given that I haven't really been able to write, and I can't focus anymore, and I haven't had much of a chance to just go unsprung.

So that's what's been on my mind. Plus more, I'm sure. But ... that's rather a lot for one Lunatic to be dealing with, as some of those are full-time.

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bleeding, Ryoko

"Random" isn't just someone from Amber.

It seems that KL7AM died back in 2003. I'd been hoping to see him again, even though BJ and I weren't still together. In Timeheart, then. *sigh* It's not like anyone should have been surprised. He was 97.

There actually exists one photo of me from what I'm convinced is 2000, though they have the date as 1999. I say it's 2000 because you can see Tigereye in the photo, and I didn't get her until May 2000.

I have a shower curtain rod now, which means I was able to put up the shower curtain. This meant I could take an honest-to-goodness shower tonight, rather than yet another bath. I will have to inform he-who-has-no-hot-water that the shower curtain is fully functional, and that he's got an open invitation to use the thing until he gets his act together. Speaking of act together, that's the next project: mucking out his place. Imagine a man who's as messy as I am by nature, suddenly left without his force of tidiness. Yipes.

Same Bruno/Boots fic, "On the Road", re-recced by Az-the-Elder. Still good.

"An Army of Snapes", NC-17, Hermione/Snape. Silliness, recced by amberfox.

I've got to do laundry tomorrow. Also tomorrow: people coming to install the vertical blinds, and cupboard installation (yay!) and (we are to hope) someone to do something about the bloody dishwasher.

trystan_laryssa left a crucial message about dates of significance, and I must say that yeah, that counts ... a LOT. Yeep.

I have the inclination to indulge in spirits of some sort tonight. It's not like I'll be driving any time soon; V came home this weekend and I returned her car to her tonight. I'll probably also get a wakeup call bright and early from Figment. Hangovers are fun.

I told the writing group outright what, exactly, has been eating away at my brain for the past couple weeks. Was it only two weeks ago Friday? It seems longer, somehow. Ah. It'll be three weeks tomorrow (Friday). My brain still hurts. My heart still hurts. I don't think this one is going to get better. V suggests I should seek the advice of a professional.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Butterb33r. I ramble on about the current pseudo-romantic situation.

Having carefully determined that I have no responsibilities other than "being around" tomorrow and the rest of tonight, I'm having some of (my style) butterbeer. In this case, "butterbeer" is served cold, and consists of a can of cream soda liberally laced with buttershots.

I don't think I shall get pissed enough to do anything truly irresponsible, but I think I am already intoxicated enough that I shan't be able to reliably find my feet by the time I finish this cup of butterbeer.

Keep in mind that I don't drink often, so that when I do have one shot of something approximately 30 proof, it affects me strongly and directly.

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grin & duck -- friends, grin & duck

A guy who's actually hot

I showed Figment some random photos of Darkside. Figment looked at them, blinked, and did a double-take. Evidently Darkside with long hair looks quite a bit like Daniel Jackson from Stargate. *giggle*

I saw the Stargate movie the other week, and I must say that the resemblance is there. Darkside's sharper, though, more in focus, less vague, less spacy, more witty.

It's good being friends with other fen. I've been isolated for a long, long time.
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running, bomb tech

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"I'm a very simple person. I like things simple -- like quantum mechanics." -- Figment. (Explaining quantum mechanics the simple way: "Everything you know is wrong. Live with it.")
Housewife's Lament

Shelves, cupboards, dishes, blinds

A few weeks ago, I got a small shelf to put together, reasoning that I always needed more places to put things. Today, I pulled it out to try to put together.

Naturally, several of the screws have jammed, wishing to go neither forward nor back. Grr. I have a Gnome, though (Figment's character class involves always being able to have the right tools to fix stuff), and that will probably result in things becoming unstuck.

Today is the day when the cupboards are supposed to be installed. Today, also, come the vertical blinds on the glass balcony doors. Perhaps the dishwasher will be re-installed.

Of course, I haven't had enough sleep.

Naturally, this means that I had to clear off the counter, wash the dishes, and so on and so forth. Figment will be coming over in a bit so at least one of us can be conscious; after everything here is settled, we'll go and help him dredge through the mail he hasn't been touching. (Poor guy.)
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