March 17th, 2005

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The bond vs. bondmates

I talk about "the bond" a lot in here, of late. It's one of those quasi-mystical things, so for those who aren't into that, you can go ahead and skip all this, and just know that these people are close to me and important to me, and that I do consider there to be a difference between someone I merely have a bond with, and someone who is a bondmate.

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"Bondmate" has always meant more to me than a simple connection. I've made the decision that I won't consider a long-term relationship with someone who isn't a bondmate. I'm very happy with that decision.
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Drug-trip, it's not a drug trip so you feel a bit insulted

I realized last night that I'm probably living in the middle of a fantasy novel. This amuses me no end, of course. Life is weird enough as it is without extraneous happenings. Now that extraneous happenings have started, well, happening, I am bemused but delighted.

Last night, though, I did have a drug trip. Perfectly legal, I hasten to add. It's just that I have strong reactions to even small doses of certain antihistamines, and when I'm already tired, that makes things doubly strong.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was scrolling through a bizarre dreamlike environment where the background and all the objects were made up of pages upon pages of overlaid and constantly refreshing text from random snippets of things. It was as if the green scrolling columns of characters that symbolize the Matrix were replaced instead by translucent cut-outs from yellowing books, with a fresh layer lacquered on every quarter-second. I was reading everything everywhere in addition to the story that was being told. People were assigned new names, new attributes. Nothing quite fit right with reality, yet everything clicked into place.

Simply sitting up and opening my eyes in order to get a drink of water brought me back into reality, but a reality viewed through a shimmering, distorting, half-dream lens. It took five minutes to navigate the complexities of a simple middle-of-the-night restroom trip instead of only two or three.

Since the experience was assigning things that I knew to be false to things, such as assigning either Darkside or Figment with the name "George", I cannot trust any of my experiences there (not that I remember them) to be in any way related to c'thia, but they certainly were entertaining while they were going on.

I shan't ever be taking that drug before driving or operating heavy machinery, and if I'm going to take it in daylight hours, I'm either going to be in a place where I can sit down reliably, or I will be carrying a Stick of Not Falling Over with me (like I did last time I was on the stuff, when I was taking it for the ant bites and tripping out majorly to Dawn).
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Dates to be Saved

shadesong has pointed out that April 29th is the release of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. Accordingly, I have dispatched an e-mail to a certain blonder half of mine to inquire about the possibility of making a group trip -- him, his towel, me, and my towel.

I've also inquired after the reservation of Star Wars III together.

Failing blonder half interest, I'm fairly sure I can get some interest from Figment. But there are certain things that are just traditional. Whenever There and Back Again comes out on the big screen, especially if it's Peter Jackson, I will attempt to move Heaven and Earth so that my best friend and I will be there sometime on opening day together.
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Images to make...

"We want our island back." -- the snakes

I'm now seeing the mental image of a complex Celtic knot, scaled and with a snake's head and tail, probably either a star shape or a shamrock shape knot, with the legend, "Irish, Pagan, and Proud", or some such thing. I could actually see a star-knot snake being done in enamel and being very, very gorgeous and subtle and hilarious.

My father tells that two Fayoumis-clan brothers came over at the time of the potato famine. My paternal line clan is Scotch-Irish. My maternal line clan is Finnish. I've got the fair skin and the dark brown hair.

I've conducted a mental search of my closet and concluded that really, I may well not have anything that's strictly green to wear today. Eeep. I do have a button-up dry-clean-only skirt that has red flowers and green leaves on it; I should wear that, with a pretty soft velour top and perhaps green beads in my hair.
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Unexpected Work

Got put on the phones today, rather than being check-in. Was somewhat apprehensive at first, because of the scratchy throat (imagine Miss Viola Swamp) but decided that I could stick it out as long as I had to, and then go home if need be.

Much to my surprise, the Cute Geek Super dumped a Figment in my lap, or near enough -- Figment was late and got stuffed into the booth next to mine. My production had been at zero, with a relatively high refusal rate. I abruptly got two surveys (it was a difficult job to get surveys on) and had a better refusal rate. I wound up the night with six surveys (very good for that job); Figment got four (also good) out of 23 total (with at least 10 people on the job).

Now, we're headed over to dustraven and trystan_laryssa's, but not after Figment asking after the fate of the junker computer that's sitting on one of my desks. He's in need of an upgrade...