March 20th, 2005

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trystan_laryssa picked me up, but had a Her vs. Universe moment because I had forgotten that she needed the gate code. She vented at me, and since I was feeling meepish and neglected due to the Bad Communication moment with Figment, my swiss-cheese shields did absolutely jack (not pepperjack) to keep it all out.

I was eventually, at length, comforted, but not before leaking some.

Figment and I get very silly around each other while we're with friends. Very, very silly. Not, perhaps, as silly as we get by ourselves, but silly enough.

He brought me home around bedtime. His will save against a dreadfully inappropriate question was successful, but the fact that he had to make the will save flipped him out considerably. For my part, I've already done my flipping out.

All of us had a few words to exchange. Even the Bad Twin eventually contributed his bit. This made all of us giddy and gleeful.

Now, I've got bed before work. Woo.
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Under his hat he had Things...

Hooray for work. I'm not a phone goon today, which fills my morning with untold joy. I'm working with Cute Geek Super and doing things on one of the happy fun surveys (I can't recall what nickname I've given this one, but it's one of the ones that othercat likes.)

Breakfast is a can of Pitch Black Mountain Dew, which is only appropriate, as last night saw me up until 1 in the morning, even though I was supposed to be in bed at 10pm. Bad Lunatic? But Lunatic was visiting friends, then got distracted, then had ... an interesting time dealing with things. And trust me, there are Things.

On the bright side, I'm nicely awake, playing with my high-lighters nicely, and having fun at work. As soon as I get home and cleaned up from work, I'm going to make a phone call, and the best friend who I'm calling had better be on the other end of that phone line, or I'll probably be somewhat miffed and also slightly going off the deep end. Life is in a state of flux, and this one is weird.

Whee, work. Whee, Dew. Whee, best friends.
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Geek Humor at work

Work is fun because there are fen and geeks here. It's brilliant. The text-based program we use to work on the dialer and all was written in 1988, so there are the sort of easter eggs in it that wouldn't get through the humorless management today.

For example, there's a menu screen dealing with the real-time analysis of the stuff we're doing on the dialer, summaries of the stats. A typical menu's prompt to make a selection is something boring, like CHOICE: or SELECTION: ... pretty typical stuff. This menu? SUMMARY JUDGEMENT:

It's just little things, but it's the sort of little things that count as hysterical if you're the sort of punster that most geeks wind up turning into. The error messages are amusing, not because they're really inherently funny, but because they're ever so slightly sarcastic.

There's a reason I prefer geeks as friends. I'd like to think that I'd get along with those lost programmers from 1988.
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Not everything about work is sunshine and roses, of course. Today, I was ever so happy to find out that when I tried to log in and check my e-mail, that someone had proceeded to try a bad password three times on my account, naturally making it so that it locked out. Gee, person-who-did-that, when you noticed it was a bad password the first time, couldn't you have checked to make sure you had the right bloody login name? And as a courtesy, couldn't you have sent off an e-mail to IT telling them you'd locked some user, name of azuref, out of her account? Huh?


Also, dear new phone goon, I don't know what your damage is, but with that many people hanging up on you, there's something wrong. *sigh* Not like there's much that *I* can do to help without listening in.

Do I get to go back on the phones today? I can utterly kick ass on the Dendarii Brewing Company job...
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Hyperactivity for the whole family

Cute Geek Super has pen envy. He keeps trying to steal my high-lighters. This amuses me no end.

Breakfast was a can of Pitch Black Dew. Lunch was a can of icky chocolate crud. I shudder to think what supper will be.

othercat and I had fun discussing relative wankiness of things, including Mall Denizens of Scottsdale (the scum de la scum of Scottsdale tend to congregate in malls and are rude to other, lesser, human beings) and the possibility of making sister communities to JF's fandom_wank, communities to archive wank involving dead people, and historical wanks that are technically dead but still have live participants. This was spurred by a discussion of Kurt Vonnegut vs. Phillip Jose Farmer aka Kilgore Trout, and the wankitude thereof.

Dead wank could actually be quite fun. There was some involving Mark Twain, othercat said...
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Out on clergy call. Not sure of duration.