March 26th, 2005

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LJ snark is good.

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Cleric Moments

trystan_laryssa pointed out, based on a few things that I said, that I should really be ... I'm not sure how to phrase it. Mindful of my clerical duties? The exact word she used was "priestess", and she was wondering if I'd ever been confirmed in any title of that nature, because she thought that if I hadn't, then perhaps I ought to be.

It's becoming evident that Figment and I are excellent clerical partners, because we complement each other so nicely. His specialty is macro. My specialty is micro. He and I can share abilities. I'd never before given over my gifts to someone else to borrow (don't be afraid to give yourself away) but I did the other night when he was keeping watch over me.

The other night, what I do and don't trust about the situation came up, and I was hard-pressed to say why I knew that so much of it was right, when there are several warning flags that clearly indicate that there are a few very strong wrong things present. I've been able to articulate some of it, now. Collapse )
running, bomb tech

Whee, game.

Hanging out at trystan_laryssa and dustraven's. There is game.

A dragon has made far too much popcorn in the kitchen of the base. Someone wanted to know how to clean it all up. The GM decreed: Artificial butter, heated to a temperature of 300°F, dissolves popcorn. "I can't believe it's not napalm!" (This is the same GM that came up with the unofficial nickname of "The PMS Amazon" for a ship crewed entirely by women.)

Figment has decided that an empty artificial butter container makes a good cup. Figment has been declared nuts. This is news to no one. C suggested that Figment tell A about "the napkin thing". Figment misinterpreted this and re-enacted "the napkin thing". trystan_laryssa delegated the smacking of Figment to me. I have command of Figment's middle name. Tickling is a potent threat in some cases. It's also a threat his late wife was apt to make. *facepalm*

Figment sometimes like playing guessing games. Guessing games are not fun for us. He will learn.

*sigh* Men. Pfa. Men. I repeat: men.