March 28th, 2005

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The usual sorts of things (well, not really)

Life has struck again, and ...

What do you say when one moment you're panicked for your Evil Twin's immortal soul, and then a half-hour later, your spate of button-mashing has produced the exact effects you were looking for, if not in a way you were expecting?

My newest bondmate is now single-minded in purpose, and we've established for once and for all that his church is, in essence, a church of perfectionists looking to get absolute control over their lives to avoid unpredictable emotional spikes, for ill or for good. I'd die without emotional spiking.

I can taste some of the farewells in the air already. It's rare that I start out-and-out bawling these days, and even more rare that I do so when not in the company of either my Priestess-Confessor or her left hand man.

On the one hand, I got what I wanted. It took more than a month, but I wound up doing what I set out to. I was the woman, the gimp for the job.
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Sweetness Follows

Figment is one of the sweetest guys on the face of the planet. He had a long talk with himself, a much-needed long talk, and his inner twit-head made the commitment to try and be not so much of a jackass.

After that, weirdness ensued. I came down from my month+ 24/7 clergy-call with a crash, and Figment wound up back here after having gone home. He spent the remainder of the night with me, ensuring that I was not a hazard to myself and others while I went through the mood swings associated with a hard crash.

The last 48 hours have been eventful and weird, and I'm sure I'm going to want to figure out what the hell did happen.
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There aren't any more words in the well.

I went back to sleep. The Little Fayoumis called home about 2:20; this number was still on file for "home". I handed out all the numbers, explained why he'd gotten me instead of Mom, and so on and so forth. Hopefully, files will be updated?

I missed my morning pages on Sunday. Since I went to bed at 6:15 in the morning after a 24-hour Saturday, perhaps I can be excused?

I'm in desperate need of some plain downtime. I'm not sure if I'm going to get it, but Figment's going home straight from work tonight and not calling; he needs the sleep as much as I do. (When we talk on the phone, we talk longer than Darkside and I do. We talk often.)

pyrogenic called this weekend, because of one of those delightful coincidences that just make the world tick: a chance-met person at a party turned out to be a close friend of my first fianceé from 10 years ago. The old friend and I chatted and figured out my ex's phone number from memory, well, her parents' number, but that oughtn't to have changed. It's a very small world. Global communication and transportation have made it smaller. Will this effect hold true when we start moving off the planet?

My fingers still remember that pattern on the phone. I would drag the phone inside the bathroom for some privacy, from concerned parents and prying little sisters, and bring a chair or perch on the edge of the tub, and leave the lights off as we talked.

The day after Easter is Cheap Chocolate Day, a holiday that comes several times a year. I must observe it. Religious, don't you know.

I'm not a perfectionist striving after complete control of my ups and downs. I couldn't ever be LDS. He is. He has to be. I am a wild ride with wild spikes and dips and curves. I am your rollercoaster. I can be a rock when I need to be, but I am a hang glider. I am a helicopter. I am clergy, so I can be whatever I need to be when I need to be it, for a limited time only.

Unless you know me for years, you don't take me to see Mother.
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