March 29th, 2005

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Reality Impinges

The new cabinets are supposed to be installed sometime today (Tuesday). We'll see if that happens.
There have been blinds in the sliding glass doors for a little while now (hung crooked).
Dishwasher is still down.

I signed up for an extra shift at work today. Yay work!

Figment is a media pimp similar in function to Darkside, and has now enticed me to watch "The Gathering". I enjoyed it, of course. Beep beep!

It unnerves me when I do things that I should not be able to do.
phone, cordless phone

My Media Pimp

Figment (gods, I want him to get an LJ just so I can link to him) pointed out a crucial bit of the DragonBall series that no one had pointed out to me before: they're the adventures of Monkey, put in a format that will appeal to a Western/younger audience.

This, to the girl who read a six-volume translation of Journey to the West when she was twelve or so.

It now becomes necessary for me to watch these things.

He has succeeded where Darkside failed.
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