April 6th, 2005

Housewife's Lament

Scenes of the Domestic Standard Lunatic

It's been a very quiet, yet very busy day. I wound up staying awake far too late because of some sleeping schedule issues, and wrapped that up with a huge angsty post about how very dreadfully I miss Darkside, and yet how very much our communications are broken so that this is difficult to fix. After that, I got some sleep. Once the sleeping was done, I proceeded to putter about online and tidy the apartment. Little by little, things are still coming together. I have faith that once I'm done, this place is going to look very nice for just as long as I have to take maybe a few quick shots of it, then it'll degenerate into screaming chaos as soon as I actually start to live here.

On the other hand, it is larger than my old room, so perhaps it'll take a while to actually make that descent.

After working on getting things in their proper places, I realized that I needed to go shopping. So I rolled a good score on my bus-fu, and wandered off shopping, not to one store, but to two. I got a lot of the spicy chicken I put on top of salads, with carrots, and then lettuce and the essential ingredients for my knockoff version of cadhla's Pyrotechnical Potato-Leek Soup (minus actual leeks and also without bacon).

I got that started up, and I chatted with people, and I worked on the novel, and I talked with a Figment. He keeps coming up with these creative ways to coax the Darkside into spending time with me. His latest proposal involved computer gaming, and that was something I shot down quickly and rather viciously. For whatever reason, I am dreadfully opposed to the thought of spending time gaming with Darkside over the internet.

For the diversion of the assorted friends list, I have shot a quick spin around my new apartment, soon to be provided with commentary: http://www.petridish.net/albumview.asp?a=20354
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Comforts of Home

For the first time in far too long, I have a proper bedside table. My alarm clock is within easy reach. I have somewhere to set my water so I can snag it when I need it in the middle of my sleep cycle without really having to sit very far up. I have somewhere to park my glasses properly. There's even a place to set my huggy rocks.

trystan_laryssa commented on my huggy rocks: namely, I'm one of the few people she knows who can get away with a concept so incredibly contradictory so very well. She's held them, and they're very huggy indeed. She feels like just curling up and going to sleep; they're warm and comforting.

What they are is just rocks, either plain rocks or semi-precious stones, just the right shape and size to be held in the hand easily. Instead of holding a teddy bear or a favorite pillow, one holds a huggy rock. The current set are rainbow fluorite, about the size of an egg. Most of the past ones have been rose quartz. Now Naomi wants a blue one, preferably pale blue. We'll see...
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Notes: infected areas? You mean affected?

April 13, 2005
Writer's meeting at GCU Campus
3300 W. Camelback
Student Union (large building in the back of campus)
in Latté Dah

Discussion of Aunt Heloise earlier in novel to insert; Beatrice has childhood run-ins with Fluffy.

Car alarm birds: those birds you hear mimicking the car alarms, going through the cycle -- wooo wooo wooo beedoo beedoo honk honk honk -- and then they finish up: chirp-chirp! and then stop.