April 7th, 2005

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It's very silly to get an e-mail, think that the sending computer name sounds somehow familiar, and then to realize that dreamhost.com seems to have named at least some of their computers after denizens of Amber. In addition to korben.dreamhost.com, there's also smarty.dreamhost.com, and pants.dreamhost.com, according to the message headers...

Whimsical geek humor is really the best.

sithjawa, I was technically still awake at 1:30-ish, but due to extenuating denizens of my floor with broken hot water and jury duty in the morning, therefore utterly away from the computer.
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The Internet wins.

Figment has now discovered my friends page, and therefore metaquotes. And since last night was evidently Dr. Who night in both metaquotes and discord_society, I couldn't ask for a better introduction to LJ for him!


I have yet to actually actively seduce Figment onto LJ, but I'm definitely trying. His major point of resistance is that he's unlikely to actually post to his own journal enough to warrant having an online journal, and any major writing project he does would most likely be the novel he's plotting out. I pointed out that actually the point of him signing up would not be for his own posting, but so that he could have access to locked posts and posting comments, as I've got anonymous posting disabled. He's going to think about it, which is probably the best response I could hope to get at this point. At some point I will get on his case and get him to have an actual working e-mail account. I pointed out that if he doesn't want to actually use the journal for a journal, he can just post something along the lines of, "I'm not planning to actually use this as a journal. I've got it so I can read what my friends are up to and post comments."

But since he's discovered the joy of metaquotes, he may actually become more willing to be seduced. I left him alone with the computer for five minutes, and when I emerged from the shower, I found him snickering over the "companion" != "Companion" concept ...

The hot water at Figment's place has been broken since November, you see. He's been cleaning himself up with cold water most of the time, and then snagging nice hot showers at his folks' place from time to time. Today, a certain Figment has jury duty. Now, Figment is an Extreme Geekboy by nature, and while he makes an admirable effort to appear spiffy in public at all times, there is still a decent amount of help needed to override Nature. He doesn't argue with me (or his mother) when we put our feet down. The suggestion/command that cold-water cleanup was not going to cut it, and he needed an actual hot shower before jury duty, was well-received, so he wound up spending the night camped out on my living room floor so that he could take advantage of my shower in the morning. As this is the third time he's wound up camped out on my living room floor, I've just gone and declared that the beanbag chair and sleeping bag should just be reserved for him at all times on general principle.

I shall have to get another beanbag chair so that certain Darksides won't feel slighted. (I already have another sleeping bag.)

Related, I shall need more living room floor. This will mean the cleaning of dining room floor area so I'll have the space to place the coffee table where it belongs, and the finding of space to place certain buckets of electronics.

Via sithjawa: alchemylab presents Springtime in Arkham, "more eternal evil than you can shake a stick at", presented in temping olfactory form. Yog-Sothoth, Miskatonic University, Azathoth, and Arkham Revisited all sound delightful! Available April 01, 2005 to June 01, 2005.

I have introduced Figment to the mysteries of hairstyling products. Go, me. (He's been in need of a haircut for a while, so his lovely hair is apt to go all over the place. Since he has the same hair I do, I managed to tack it in place with mousse. "What, not ze squirrel?" he quipped.)

Today looks like another lovely day in Arizona. It's heating up nicely, so I really need to construct my summer sunshade cloak before much longer, as I burn far too easily and regular use of sunblock makes my skin break out.
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Cryptic messages

The-Steph: Off to work I shall be; may or may not be computerfied there. Definitely will be back home in the late-evening sometime. Sleep was not kind to me today.
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Lunatic Psychology: Aversion/Addiction

I came to the conclusion that my aversion against even trying to start online gaming with Darkside for social time with him is related to my aversion against cigarettes.

The thing is, I have an easily addicted personality. I am one of the sorts of people who can be exposed to something once and then latch on far too hard for my own good, especially in nastily irrational ways. I'd perhaps more accurately call myself prone to obsession, because the last time I was prescribed a hard drug (some random narcotic), the things it did to my brain scared me so much that I opted to use tamer substances to deal with the pain, even if they weren't as effective.

But that's the thing. I want to avoid things that I know will be bad for me. So when I think about the concept of trying a thing that I know will be bad for me, and I get the feeling that I would like it, perhaps like it too much, if I tried it, my mind pulls out the Fayoumis Stubbornness and says, "No. You will not try that. You will pitch a screaming five-year-old temper tantrum and embarrass yourself in public rather than try it if someone pushes the issue."

So I've never smoked a cigarette, not even just to try and see what it's like, because I know they are dreadfully bad for the health, and they have known addictive chemicals. I'm afraid if I try just one, I'll be hooked, or the door to being hooked would be opened. Just one could turn into just one every time someone offers one and I'm stressed, and I know when I get stressed, I get stressed a LOT, and I cling to the things that can relieve my stress. And that could lead to full-fledged addiction. rosalynde got hooked that way, and she's enough of me so that when something happens to her, it can happen to me too. Without knowing anyone who's actually died from lung cancer or other cigarette-related illness, I'm so revolted by the concept of cigarettes that I cannot even monitor a survey that is about awareness of cigarette advertising without wanting to puke. It's purely psychological and now I know why.

Similarly, I surprised myself by the vehemence with which I rejected Figment's suggestion that I play online games with Darkside to socialize. I have to restrain myself from getting hooked on online gaming, especially online gaming with Darkside, because any game that involves wrist strain from mouse-clicking is something that I cannot ever afford to play more than once in a while recreationally. I need my wrists. Writing is my life. I cannot put my life on the line over an addiction. Ever.
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