April 9th, 2005

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Bloody stupid body.

I have sleep issues. I take forever to get to sleep, and once I'm asleep, if things happen to upset my sleep cycle, everything goes funky.

This morning, I woke up an hour before my alarm. I decided that would be no problem -- I could just get out of bed briefly, use the restroom, then settle back down in bed for a nice nap before the alarm went off, to catch up on my sleep.

Heh, heh.

No sooner did I get horizontal again than the allergies attacked full-force. Seems that when I become vertical, this triggers all the dormant goo to irritate my sneeze reflex, so I wind up with all sorts of things coming out of my poor nose. And this is not conducive at all to sleep, especially when I'm now Wide Awake, and haven't a prayer of getting any restful sleep before the bloody alarm does go off. And if I did get to sleep, I'd be cranky and panicky when I woke up, because being jarred out of sleep when I really need it does very bad things to me.

Since I didn't get to bed until half past midnight last night, and I was supposed to be up at 6:00, this leaves me with less than five hours of actual sleep.

Hooray for three-day weekends?
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Hyperactivity in the workplace

I thought I'd be dragging in to work, but when I got
in, I proved to be bright and perky... perhaps too
bright and perky.

I'm in love, what can I say? The hope transfusion took
very well. I'm in love twice over, and even though
there are various degrees of "hopeless" on each ...

I'm keeping strict track of the number of hopeless
causes I'm holding out hope for.

Life is good, at least right now.
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Dav*d W*b*r

So I mentioned David Weber in the context of "writers who are trying for an effect, but fail to get that effect, in such a way that other writers can tell what effect they were trying to get," and shadesong asked if she should read him. (That was a comment over in her journal, but it's a long thread and I'm at work, so I can't actually visit LJ. Besides, it's always a good topic for a flamewar a group discussion...)

For those of us who are not familiar with him, David Weber primarily writes the Honor Harrington series, which is naval space opera with a strong female protagonist. If you do not care for any of the above, space opera, strong female protagonists where "strength" includes membership in a military and serious kicking of ass in said military, or the sorts of naval stories that involve Epic Battles and Ship Pr0n, this series is probably not for you. (It's really seriously heavy spaceship pr0n, and I tend to skim sometimes.) If you really like two of the three, but not the other, perhaps check out one book.

Weber is definitely not one of my buy-on-sight authors. There are some authors whose books I buy on sight, unread, hardback. He is not one. If there's a book I haven't read by him, I will read it if I see it at the library, or if a friend has a copy. If I like it, I might buy a used copy if I see one. He's not an author I seek out unless I am reminded to, despite the fact that he has characters who I like who are continually put into interesting and/or impossible situations. As theferrett put it, he's one of my methadone authors. The potential for awesomeness is very high, but his actual follow-through is not particularly good, and for some reason, I do keep reading his stuff.

Almost all of his characters have a lot of potential. Almost all of his situations and worlds have a lot of potential. He is great with characterization and world-building and plot. The trouble is, he is not such a great story-teller. The characters and plot are almost enough to carry the story along, but when you have the writer's eye, especially if you've edited enough of your own stuff to know when you were trying for an effect and failed miserably, or else almost got there but just not quite, you recognize the signs.

So, people. Thoughts?
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St00pid technology

Yahoo messenger isn't working correctly for me, or at
least hasn't for the past day or so. It's not sending
out notifications of e-mails, so I have to check the
e-mail manually.

Ah, how spoiled our technology makes us. I'm still
annoyed. Or, at least, I will be annoyed if it's still
broken when I get home from work.
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Yay talking with Darksides!

Darkside was actually in when I called! We talked for half an hour, with long silences. He proposed the amusing idea of charging a fee, per personality per hour, to anyone who copies my selves. He then quipped that they'd make all the money I charged them back by charging me rent for them.

Figment's proposition that he drag me over to Darkside's on Monday evenings was a no-go: Darkside needs his sleep.

There's a lot of stuff we have to catch up on, and his life's been manic. And if it's not time for one of us to be having jury duty, it's time for the other... I bet Bondmate #2 gets his summons for June or July.

Silly Darksides. We loves them.
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Work-Appropriate Tomato Sauce

My timing was not quite excellent enough to finagle all of break with a certain Figment, but close enough. We sat in the parking lot, perched sideways on the driver's side seats of his car, with the doors open, chatting.

Figment has a mildly gross habit of eating things like ravioli and condensed soup cold from the can. This was ravioli. He'd not thought to bring napkins, so he was teasing me that if people got the wrong idea about us sitting together, they might think that the tomato sauce on his lips was my lipstick! I pointed out that only the densest of people would be able to draw that mistaken conclusion, because I wear pink lipstick, and that was orange.

Figment being Figment, he bided his time, then caught my hand, brought it to his lips, and blotted the excess orange-tinted grease from his mouth with it! I had what was effectively an orange lipstick print on the back of my hand for much of the afternoon.
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