April 14th, 2005

silly, bunny ears

Far too late at night for this kind of silliness...

Figment: *looks at pies* "I can't get those. I'll ruin my diet."
Me: *looks at him*
Figment: "I've got to keep my slim girlish figure!"
Figment: *is male*
Me: *cracks up laughing*
Cashier: *appears out of nowhere*
Me: *starts putting things on the conveyer belt*
Cashier: *looks at us funny*
Me: *looks at cashier funny*
Cashier: "I'm a really good listener."
Me: *wonders how much of the previous conversation he heard*
Figment: *is buying a whole pantload of hot dogs*
Cashier: "That's my favorite number of hot dogs."
Me: (to Figment) "At least it's not soup."
Cashier: *looks curious*
Figment: "That's what I forgot! Soup! ...I need to eat something at work."
Cashier: "But soup isn't as easy as hot dogs. You have to find a place to heat it and all that jazz."
Figment: "You can. You don't have to."
Me: "I work with him. He eats soup. Cold. From the can. Condensed soup."
Cashier: *gives Figment a funny look*
Figment: "But it's chicken noodle!"
Cashier: "Ohhh. Yeah. That's different."
Me: *looks at them like they're on crack*
Cashier: "Chicken noodle soup has everything you need."
Me: *looks at Figment like he's on crack*
Figment: *looks at me like I'm on crack*
Me: "There are some essential differences here. I'm a woman." *places hand on Figment's shoulder* "You're ..."
Cashier: *gives us that look again* *rings up the last stuff*
Me: *grabs cart*
Figment: *follows me*
Casher: "Goodnight, ladies..."
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Friending Policy

cadhla posted a fairly comprehensive friending/new person orientation policy/FAQ, and I figured it would probably be wise of me to do the same thing, especially as there have been your standard assortment of new people popping in. Just so everybody knows, I don't automatically friend back anymore, and the number one reason is limited time/attention.

More randomness will eventually follow, possibly followed by something coherent, but in the interim, I need to think about that crazy little thing called sleep.
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Things about this evening:

freshstartwrite. Fun.
Dinner following. Also fun.
Calling Figments. Figments really need someone taking care of them. Figments no longer have a built-in person. *worry*
Figments coming over, peeling paint off the lenses of peephole in door. Peephole in door suddenly functioning, albeit out of focus.
Figments dragging me out for assorted grocery/etc. shopping.
The battle with the key duplicator machine, and a succession of assorted employees attempting to work same.
Genderbending moments while checking out.
Plotting, planning, scheming.
running, bomb tech

Cabinet Update

Cabinets have been loaded with things like dishes, spices, and containers of random assorted foods. Cabinets have not fallen down and/or gone boom.
phone, cordless phone

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Awake, alive, ready to run off to work.

I still need another hour of sleep, but I'll live. Hey, it's free coffee day at work! Awesome!