April 15th, 2005

bleeding, Ryoko

*!#^% PMS

The night of the 12th/early morning the 13th, I had nasty PMS, which complicated an otherwise straightforward instance of sleep dep, allergies, and dehydration.

Note that allergies make it difficult for me to breathe. Note that difficulty breathing and dehydration both cause me to have panic attacks. Sleep deprivation makes any bad mood that I have that much worse. PMS puts me on a hair-trigger and makes me that much more likely to snap at people.

In the middle of all this, I experienced computer difficulties.

Figment only noticed me snapping at him once.

Figment probably deserves a medal or something. (Either that, or I've gotten a lot better at leaving my internal state internal, and not betraying bad internal states by being unpleasant externally. Or both.)

It had better be PMS, at least. If I was that irritable and it wasn't PMS, there's a problem that needs fixing.
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Weird Pagan Shit (unfiltered, unlocked)

So I stepped into the shower thinking about rage, flame, beauty, and determination. Next thing I knew, I was snipping the split ends off my hair and realizing that a new deity had just stepped into the place she always was, realizing where the previous deities were allocated and why, and realizing that yeah, that explains a lot, and furthermore, now we're ready to fuck some shit up.

In order of knowing about them, the deities who've laid claim to us are:

Azz/prime: Eris
Naomi: Elohim (yeah, that one, go figure ... um ... Naomi, is there something you want to tell us?)
Marah: Aphrodite (wow, Aphrodite and Eris are a really stable combination...)
and finally
garnetdagger: Diana (and we thought Aphrodite and Eris was a good combination, now watch Aphrodite and Diana!)

Hoo boy. Things are now going to officially get more interesting than they already were.

Additionally, with things set up as they now are, I have to wonder about the possible existence of a potential Bondmate #4 waiting in the wings out there somewhere, because what we need now is another monkey wrench, yes indeed...
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Elemental Nature

(Reformatted & cropped slightly for comprehensibility)
azurelunatic: Element. Four [valence] electrons. Who am I?
sithjawa: Dude, you could be silicon
azurelunatic: *snork*
sithjawa: Or carbon, tin, lead, or... germanium. Whatever that is.
azurelunatic: I am a germanium geranium! Ooo, lead. Toxic!
sithjawa: Hmm, if you were germanium, you'd be for semiconductors, it says. You would also keep your luster at room temperature.
azurelunatic: oo. Hmm. Maybe I am a transistor?
sithjawa: Maybe.
azurelunatic: (the well water from home had arsenic in it.) Therefore, germanium doped with arsenic! Transistor!
sithjawa: Yup. Can you be used for amplification and voltage stabilization?
azurelunatic: Yes.
sithjawa: Well then, there you have it.
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People need to meet each other.

ralmathon and sithjawa should be introduced, just on principle.
ralmathon wants to make sure he doesn't have to beat the stuffing out of Figment.
Figment and sithjawa could probably destroy the universe.
iroshi and Figment need to meet, just like iroshi and Darkside need to meet.
ralmathon and iroshi will get around to meeting sooner or later.
Dawn needs to meet Figment.
Figment needs to meet Darkside, lest the universe explode or implode. Or maybe that's if they meet, it will... ?
sithjawa and Darkside will probably want to talk campaign together.
Dawn and sithjawa are actually in the same state, and would have met except things were on fire.

... and that's not even factoring in the fact that amberfox and sionainn should probably do some meeting of people too.

Figment says that I need to make my friends wear name tags when I talk about them. I threatened to ask them to take pictures of their hairstyles so I could put little post-its with all the things on the pictures. (Figment displays more of the traits common to the autistic spectrum than I do, but less so than iroshi; now that he's identified that he's somewhat face-blind and does tag people by not-face first, we joke about this a good deal.)
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