April 16th, 2005

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New Plans

Mondays, I have decreed, I shall help Figment clean house. This is effective until further notice.
running, bomb tech


Despite the fact that I have to be at work at 7:30, because I'm the check-in, I'm still awake.

Events of today included my being check-in, a very loud discussion of LotR and HP (books vs. movies) with Figment and two as yet un-nicknamed art geeks in the break room, pizza for supervisors, Superman Shirt Supervisor making a very bad inadvertent racial/innuendo slip of the tongue, and assorted other little goodies.

Evidently Figment and I do the sorts of pseudo-violent things that happen between very close friends and/or siblings very well. We're good at physical comedy. For his peace of mind, I did not share with him nalidoll's mental image involving the glitter eyeshadow, the wings, and the tutu. Besides, there were others present.

Tomorrow's a voluntary ten-hour shift for phone goons, which leaves me looking at a shift that will be at least twelve hours. Good for the paycheck, bad for the stress level, unless I get some very good sleep between then and now.

We can only hope that Darkside will be reachable by phone at some point when I call him, and/or that Figment hands out hugs or something as appropriate.

Maybe I can sleep now. I hope?
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Common Non-Geek Mistake: "CPU"

You know that boxy thing that is the brain of your computer? The thing you plug your keyboard and TV and mouse into?
You mean the CPU?

That exchange will heat my temper from nice and cool to near a full boil in under three seconds. "The CPU" is not, and never will be, the proper name of the box part of the computer, when the main parts of the computer are the monitor, the keyboard and mouse, and the boxy part that all of the above plugs into. CPU stands for "central processing unit", which is, on most household desktop or laptop computers, your Pentium chip, your Celeron, your Athlon -- not the whole honking box, but the smartest and hottest chip inside the box.

The standard household desktop computer has a fuckton of a lot more stuff inside the box than just the CPU. The CPU is usually in the middle of a contraption called the "motherboard", which has all sorts of slots and widgets to plug stuff into so that the computer's main brain can access all the niftiness. There are also hard drives, floppy drives, CD/DVD drives, sound cards, video cards, modems, ethernet cards, hard drives, power supplies, fans, and more than enough cable to satisfy a bored cat for at least a week.

Unfortunately, the Modern Inaccurate Use of Technical Terms Commission has seized onto the term "CPU" and has redefined it to (erroneously) refer to the whole goddamn box. End-users referring to the whole goddamn box as "the CPU" will either be laughed out of town when they call it this in front of someone who knows their computer's ports from a hole in the sand, or billed accordingly.

There is no one commonly accepted Geek Term to call the whole goddamn box. "Box" works. "Tower" works. "This piece what I'm kicking vigorously" will do in a pinch, provided you're kicking the right bit at the right time. There are probably a few more, but "box" and "tower" are the most common. "Case" will do, though that generally refers to the outside part and not the inside part. ("Computer" even works too, as many geeks view monitor, keyboard, and mouse as easily replaced peripherals not important to the proper functioning of the unit itself.) But if you call it "the CPU", or, just as bad, call the whole thing "the hard drive", prepare to be laughed out of town.
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Alive and awake!

Alive, awake, and very much perky! Woke up with the alarm, no bed-snooze needed!

It was a nice refreshing nap. Now, off to work!

Things I need to do before tomorrow: laundry.
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*sigh* Crackers?

Cute Geek Super is looking for a computer cracker to
help him cheat on this online game. Rev. Nice Super is
playing this game with him too. Any crackers
interested in this oh-so-fun job, or do you want to
laugh extensively and say, "Um ... no?" so then we can
all have a good laugh?

In the meantime, I am suffering from the hell that is
editing 57 surveys with badly typed open-ended
questions. My brain hurts, and the shift doesn't end
until 6:30. I want my Darkside?
running, bomb tech

Crackin' gamez...

amberfox -- the game that Cute Geek Super
and Rev. Nice Super want someone to crack is Gottapimp
-- http://www.gottapimp.com

I'd probably be revealing their identities too much if
I asked them for their usernames so I could post them
in a public space, so I won't be that cruel. But what
they want is for someone to crack in and give them
extra points.

And yes, they do play that at work. Right now, they're
pencilfighting each other. There are nine people left
on the phones, Figment included. Wait, my bad, there
are eleven.

It's going to be a slow two hours, I can tell you that

A Veritable Day

First: Happy Anniversary, templeravenmoon. Rest in peace.

It was four years ago today that Sis and I collapsed on the couches in our two-bedroom apartment, the home we'd decided to share with each other (and perhaps someday Darkside) until we were through school and could go off in our separate directions. We'd spent all day loading up stuff from her parents' house, stuff that had survived years upon years of her moving around, and we laughed about the ant bite that was making her lip swell up so her mouth resembled Mick Jagger's, and we gossiped far too long into the night about anything and everything.

It was a good four years.

It was four years ago that Sis took Darkside off into a corner and solemnly told him that it just wasn't going to work out, early in the morning before she drove me way out into BFE to pick up the U-Haul and pack up her stuff. She quietly let me know that he was a nice guy, a wonderful guy, a sweet guy, but they were at two different places in their lives, and she was ready to settle down with a family while he had his whole life ahead of him, and would probably want, someday, a wife who would want to commingle genes with him, rather than a built-in stepson and no children of his blood. And she let me know that while in some friendships it would be an utter disaster to date the same guy right after your friend had, for us, it would be OK.

It was one year ago that I carefully considered things, and decided to spend a year focused on maintaining and strengthening the relationship I have with my best friend Darkside rather than looking for and maintaining new potential relationships with people who are not so tried and true. It's been an immense savings of time and energy, let me tell you. Until Figment came along and threw the proverbial monkey wrench into the works, I'd felt so very liberated. I still do, but it's different now. I'm becoming aware that no matter how much I may attempt to resist it, there are plans for me, and I can either come along quietly, or else make things really interesting for myself.

I tend to prefer to make things interesting.

Work also proved to be interesting...