April 18th, 2005

phone, cordless phone

One of the Team, continued...

My schedule now seems to go as follows:

Friday and Saturday, check-in.
Thursday and Sunday I, assist as needed. (when not needed, phones.)

So today (Sunday; I'm still up) I was on the phones. And Cute Geek Super and Rev. Nice Super came (loudly) through the area I was in.

"Four Eyes!" Rev. Nice Super taunted Cute Geek Super as they entered the area.
"You talkin' to me?" Cute Geek Super responded, looking tough.
"No, actually, I was talking to Azure," Rev. Nice Super evaded. He turned to me (sitting quietly in my booth working). "HEY, FOUR-EYES!"

I love working with fellow adults...
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Arizona: Allergy Season!

Due to the wet spring, we have flowers. Flowers make pollen. People are allergic to pollen.

Anyone with allergies is miserable this spring. I've been feeling lousy. Figment's all sniffly. I called Darkside, and he was sick. Poor othercat has been seen at work looking as if the allergies have been literally beating her with blunt objects.

I'm re-considering my previous plan of going in for some extra shifts to take advantage of the 14 hours of overtime that work is offering this week, and just staying at home, inside where I can breathe, and getting some nice un-interrupted sleep. Fortunately, I didn't commit myself to anything, so I can do whatever I want to.
phone, cordless phone

Silly & wrong

Kitten Cannon Flash game, similar to Pingu. Warning: Bad, Evil, and Wrong. (via amberfox.)

Yep, I feel sorry for any woman doing tech support in Texas. (also via amberfox.)

This, on the other hand, could be me. As the slightly sadistic supervisor. (Well, no, actually, that's more of Cute Geek Super's style.)

The No-Hassle Day Planner for the Clinically Insane by MilesToGo13
This morning, you should...go to your local breakfast diner, pour coffee on your waitress, do three cups of creamer as shots, and run screaming from the building.
Then, after lunch...superglue your neighbor's cat to his head and sell tickets to passerby to come witness "The Living Toupee".
Dinner will consist of...a hundred shotgunned pixie sticks, and some heroin for good measure.
Afterwards, you set off into the evening to...finally get around to starting that suicide cult you've been meaning to get off the ground...which reminds you that you need to pick up some Kool-Aid from the store.
At the height of your madness, you will callsithjawa
And the two of you will proceed to...practice the fine art of helping one another escape from straight-jackets using only your teeth.
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Strawberries, Spirituality, & Sleep

Figment came over yesterday when it became apparent that I was not in any of my right minds, and that I really needed to be so.

What was really needed was sleep, as I'd been operating on around four to five hours of sleep per night for the past three days, so he made sure I was tucked into bed safely with decongestants, and then crashed out himself. In passing, I note that Figment is a good person for me to share sleeping space with, as he doesn't take up more than his fair share of space, and does not snuggle too close for comfort.

Once we both woke up around midnight or so, we shared some strawberries and whipped cream in the kitchen. From a bowl, with spoons.

It's nice to have someone like that around. I could really get used to that.

Figment's good at reminding me what I need to do about things. Hearing "No, seriously, waiting patiently is what's going to be the best long-term" from $DEITY is more comforting than one might imagine. My year's technically up, so now it's the waiting game. And -- I can wait.

Turned out that the lack of hope thing was actually mine, and it had been contagious. Ooops. I felt like crap over that one.