April 19th, 2005

Housewife's Lament

Domestic Arranging

I came home from giving plasma and getting the usual assortment of stuff from Sprouts (lettuce, apples, oranges) to find a note from Management in my apartment door.

Evidently, the insurance company is coming by Tuesday and/or Wednesday to assess the repairs from the fire. Nice to give me the heads-up on Monday evening, but I'll cope.

As I'd intended to do some cleaning anyway, there's been some serious tidying accomplished simply by clearing stuff off the floor of the "dining room" section of the studio apartment, and doing some re-arranging. I finally uncovered the box that contains far too much cheap bagged black tea, so I can happily make myself as much black-and-orange tea as my caffeine tolerance can stand, at least until my supply of Orange Zinger gives out.

My vague hope is for the apartment to keep on improving bit by bit each time I clean up, until it's a place that looks as nice as it feels. And it feels pretty nice, even though it is as idiosyncratic as I am, with a distinct presence of Figment, because he's been spending significant time here as well, even though he doesn't shed parts of himself as much as I tend to.
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When the cabinets fell, they took a great gouge out of the vinyl flooring. Today, the flooring guy was brought over so the floor can be replaced.

This is a good thing. I shall now have new flooring that is not all dreadfully scuffed and battered and gouged, and -- I shall not have to scrub the nasty stains off the thing, the pickle juice/flour/hot chocolate glued ones.
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Booze Collection

I'm parting with the parts of the Epic Booze Collection that I'm not likely to be using any time soon -- tequila, blue curaco, annisette, peach schnapps, midori, vermouth, and gin -- to the vinyl installation guy for a little cash.

This makes both of us happy, as he's more likely to use that stuff than I am, and I'll have a little more spending money than I might have had. He got a nice collection of interesting items for very cheaply, and I don't have to wonder what the frell I'm going to do with the stuff.