April 21st, 2005

bondmates, sigil

Laundry, archaeology

I went over to Figment's with laundry, and we wound up cleaning up. Mostly, he wound up cleaning up while I wound up pointing out things that needed attention. It's amazing how much of a change can be made in the appearance of the dark, deep den of someone living alone by just picking up all the dirty laundry and sorting it to be washed, instead of having it scattered to the nineteen corners of the room. (I wasn't counting, but Figment makes corners even where there aren't any.)

Laundry was done, clean laundry was put away, dirty laundry was gathered, the end of The Court Jester was watched (and I don't blame Thalia for choking on the disk, because the end was pixellating and skipping and desynchronizing with the soundtrack even on Figment's DVD player), and cats were played with.

We were up way, way too late, but we needed the time.