May 4th, 2005

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Social Time

I wound up IMing trystan_laryssa and chatting with her about some rather crucial stuff. I was feeling some certainty then, but I'm not feeling so much certainty now; it's one of those odd things, and I need a nice long talk with Darkside as soon as possible to help me sort through the mess.

I wound up hopping the bus over there to hang out for a bit. I left a message on Figment's machine before I left; he got right back to it and left a message on mine, then wound up over there before I got there. (trystan_laryssa said she'd heard the knock on the door, was expecting me, and found him out there.)

On my way out, trystan_laryssa told me, "Be safe!" When I was waiting at the bus stop, a guy pulled over and asked me for directions. He then offered me a ride. Mindful of that admonishment of hers, I declined. He offered it again, saying that he wasn't creepy [or some equivalent]. I declined, and indicated my waiting-for-the-bus status. He drove off.

There was much girl-talk and fun. Loren was there. Loren is still feeling absolutely dreadful.

Figment was very, very cute. People who have only seen Figment at work would not expect him to be that flirtatious, let alone that flirtatious with someone who's Taken. Figment should have a warning label.

I wound up getting dropped back off here an hour ago, having had far too much fun and far too much unfair tickling at the dagger-like fingernails of trystan_laryssa. Figment did not rescue me; he told me I should rescue myself.

I'll need to do laundry before I head out in the afternoon, because I'm down to nothing.
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Assorted Randomness

  • Figment's car is up and operational again.
  • I saw prepaid internet stuff at a kiosk at Fry's Grocery. (If I don't tell M.Schell, someone should.)
  • I am doing laundry.
  • The timer on my stove is the only thing that allows me to do laundry with any sort of internal timeliness; I'd otherwise have it sitting in the machines for far too long.
  • SAS, the discount fabric place, is far too cool; I am planning things that my sewing skillz are not 1337 enough for, but I'll make a try at anyway.
  • Figment is dangerous with his safety off.
  • I'm dangerous with my safety off.
  • I need to re-do my "bondmates" icon with some Pink Floyd, some rainbow ribbon cable, and a few other random things.
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Any shutdown of computer or browser means that links -- and other things -- must be saved.

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In a locked post, an LJ-friend discussed comfort food -- not in any great debating style, just mentioned "These are my comfort foods -- what are yours?" It's a nice comfortable little discussion, and leads to recipe-swapping and ideas for creative expansion of menu.

My comfort foods include:
Mama's beef stew, homemade pizza, a salad fixed just the right way, with enough vinegar to make my nose sweat, Trader Joe's chocolate covered orange sticks, chocolate milk with Irish Cream, Campbell's bean with bacon soup with cheese and seven splashes of Tabasco sauce, Denny's coffee with 2 sugars and 2 French Vanilla creamers, parmesan cheese mixed with salt and vinegar, cold left-over London Broil the way my father cooks it (grilled with "Secret Sauce" over alder coals) with green olives, chocolate chip cookie dough, plain baby carrots (about a pound and a half at a time), frozen burritos, open-face grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced tomatoes, salt, and dill on top, red bean jelly, Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, fresh ripe red cherries, corned beef hash with cheese and mushrooms, egg drop soup, potstickers, orange chicken over rice, and nectarines.

So, what are yours?

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