May 14th, 2005

phone, cordless phone

In which the Lunatic has a headache.

The situation today with the supervisors went like so:

"Stressy College Chick Shift Ops Super isn't in yet."
"Yes, Stressy College Chick Shift Ops Super was supposed to be here today, but Phone Call In Super's going to be doing that today. Because she's graduating."
"No, Phone Call In Super isn't in yet."
"I'm not sure when Phone Call In Super's supposed to get here."
"Phone Call In Super was supposed to be in today, but it doesn't look like he's going to make it in..."

It was a very small shift, supervisor-wise: there were four supervisors, me, and three monitors. There were about five times as many phone calls in as there were supervisors to handle them. One of the ladies from Upstairs (figuratively, as it's a one-floor building) was filling in for the Shift Ops Supers when I was checking people in, and to read the messages of the day, but we were otherwise on our own.

One of the phone calls in was unique. A lady was looking for a focus group. She'd gotten batted about to about five different departments, and it fell unto me to say, "Actually, we don't do your traditional focus group sort of stuff; we tend to do outbound phone call stuff. Alas." It turned out that she had a list of about 80 different market research companies in the area that she was calling; she wanted to supplement her income and get away from the kids for a while. I perkily volunteered that we were, in fact, hiring... This resulted in me giving our our hiring line number (or at least, what I hope was the hiring line) and the address and general area of the company. That was pretty cool.

It's amazing how many calls just come in and get transfered to the Shift Ops Super. Having to field those calls myself is not exactly the most fun thing in the world. No, kiddo, it's too late for you to change your schedule for tomorrow; you should have done that while the office was open three hours ago. No, I don't know jack about dayshift next week. And I don't have access to. And I don't have access to know if you actually did sign up for a shift on Monday or not. And as much as I'd dearly like to, I cannot make the goddamn feminine pad dispenser in the ladies' room function properly, but since you're an actual personal friend, I can give you another quarter.

I need to remember that I did, in fact, specify near unto this exact position as my Dream Job when I was growing up, and several times after doing so. And I should not bitch about it when there are a few small bad dreams in what is overall a cushy position that gives everyone else chronic headaches.

Last three out tonight were Cute Geek Super (he and Original Name Super were co-leading the shift), me, and Figment. Figment was monitoring today, and since he hasn't monitored in a while, Wacky Hijinks ensued with the timesheets and my blood sugar. I'm hoping the nonverbal cue of paired fingers touching his hand repeatedly was enough to counteract the tone of my voice. I had to re-estimate my time out by adding another half-hour to account for the time he spent getting signed out where I couldn't do anything. After he left, I had to tell Cute Geek Super that I give the guy a hard time because we're actually friends, and if anyone else messed with him, I'd probably have to mess with them. Because, you know, while it doesn't do to start rumors about two people being far closer than your average pair of friends, it also doesn't do to start rumors in the supervisory staff that two of the Phone Goons Pulled to Assist don't get along. And I'll have to wait to tell Figment I'm sorry about getting snappy with him until tomorrow, because right now we need to sleep more than we need to say we're sorry.

But, yes, life is good.
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running, bomb tech

Linkage and activism:

Free Frosty day at Wendy's

Vaccine could potentially help prevent an assload of deaths from uterine cancer; fucktards are being religiously-biased about other people's sex lives. Which is more important, assclown, people following YOUR religious guidelines, or people not DYING SLOWLY IN PAIN FROM UNTREATED CANCER IN UNDEVELOPED COUNTRIES?
Borrowed from various:
If you, reading this, are so inclined to make one phone call, you will nullify a phone call from an anti-gay nutjob. Oh, excuse me, an anti-gay crusader. Kraft Foods is a major sponsor of the 2006 Gay Games. The nutjobs/crusaders have targeted them and are flooding their phone bank. Want to do something about that? Here's their phone # 1-800-323-0768. Toll free. It only takes a couple of minutes to call them and voice your support for their sponsorship. One call to nullify. Please pass the word to your friends, email addy book, relatives, whomever.

Latest word this morning is that the Kraft phone folks are initially wary when told the call is about their sponsorship, then immensely relieved upon hearing the support, and are still asking people to spread the word because the nutjobs are winning. This entire thing is ridiculous on some level, but it's what we're all reduced to.
Note that the parent company is Phillip Morris, but hey, congratulating them on what they're doing right is a goodness, even if you happen to be not buying any of their products.

Working harpsichord made out of Legos.
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running, bomb tech

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In other news, hallucinating at the respondents is rarely a good plan. On that very sound logic, I called it a day around 1:45, and I may have over-shared about the Bardling and that unfortunate incident with the Bad Potion when Cute Geek Super and Rev. Nice Super teased me about acid. (3 hours sleep, people. 3 hours sleep.)

Fortunately, I was safe to walk home.
phone, cordless phone

Yay, things.

My bank statement and my phone bill both now reflect c'thia in that both are showing the rather large payment I made last Sunday, even though the payment does not show up in the bank account until Wednesday. It was worrisome when the payment showed first as pending, and then did not show at all, because that could just be bad.

My cellphone is now on. I will be picky about distributing the number, because minutes will be limited for daytime weekday hours. (Well, not so very limited during the three-month promotional period, but more limited after that expires, because I will go with the lesser-expensive option and do things like try not to talk to people when I have limited minutes.

A cellphone is not entirely necessary, but it does make more things an option for me. My sanity and getting to talk to Darkside regularly is one of these things; with a decent cellphone, I can do things on weekends and not have to worry about forfeiting my time on the phone with him. Unless it's a situation where I can't quietly excuse myself and go and call, I can try at whatever time I think is best, and if he should call back, he'll be able to reach me.

Getting stranded in odd places at odd hours will also be less of a problem. Being out of the state for a few days here and there will be less of a problem -- I have "local" coverage in not only Phoenix, but also most major metro areas of California, and lots of major metropolitan and roadside areas across the country.

I am testing the text messaging feature. So far, the attempted post-by-email text message has not posted, nor has the test message from the LJ text message tool arrived. Bah. And the Qwest webpage,, does not play well with Firefox. I am mildly vexed.

Also, my voicemail does not yet exist -- it seems to redirect to my home phone when I call it from my cellphone, and my answering machine will pick it up. Which is handy, but I would like to be able to access my messages, please...! ...ahh. So that's how you play with that feature! ...though I still don't know exactly how one does access the actual messages, at least I can log in with the security code.

There's game tonight. I'm not sure whether I'm going to go hang out, going to go get a little grocery shopping (and car refueling) done, play with the phone some more, or just go to sleep immediately.
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phone, cordless phone


Things I want for the phone (equipment):
  • Data cable to connect up to computer
  • Car charger

Things I want for the phone (data):
  • "Dark Side of the Moon" ringtone (for Darkside, should he ever call me)
  • "Imperial March" ringtone
  • a certain Monty Python song in ringtone format, because I'm whimsical

Things I want for me:
  • Less headache
  • More sleep
  • a 30 hour day
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