May 17th, 2005

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Whee, exercise!

It's the night before an extra shift at work on what ordinarily is my block of days off, so do I have anything appropriate to wear to work? Of course not. So after getting home from hanging out with trystan_laryssa, I tossed my stuff in the laundry ... and since I was going to be up anyway, I hit the gym.

There are some very good things to be said about first the weight room and second the new management here. The weight room, like the pool, theoretically has open/closed hours. In practice, however, it doesn't tend to actually be closed unless there's something going on like the serious dechlorination that had to happen after old management left. (The former assistant manager sabotaged a number of things around the property as he was leaving; superchlorinating the pool was only one of the lovely presents he left behind. I'm lucky I've got lungs left; Figment and I soaked in the hot tub before they discovered the problem.) The new management has been fixing the things that have been broken since forever -- all the weight machine stations have pins now, and the crappy old seat on the exercise bike that was hurting my bottom so badly last week has been replaced! Hooray!

I spent a half-hour (according to the timer on my cellphone) doing various things in there. There's a new treadmill-type machine, something that seems cross between a stairstepper and a skiing machine. I tried that out, and while the angle's off for comfortable use for me (it makes me bend over, and I don't like that when I'm trying to watch my posture) it is good for keeping me in practice on walking places that are not flat. I think I'll start off with that one next time, so as to help me get more muscle back in my butt.

My lungs aren't liking me much right now, even though I have decent endurance for just plain walking, and I wasn't doing anything too strenuous. I'm still mad at both myself and my freshman or sophomore year gym teacher for those goddamn wind sprints, the one where he got mad at the class and made us run sprints for punishment, and I was too stubborn and kept on running even when my lungs were telling me that I needed to sit the fuck down right then. I should have known better, but I didn't, and I paid the price for it by not being able to breathe for the next month or so. If I hadn't done that then, would I be in better health now?
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Posts to make:

Magical jewelry and what it means to different people -- symbolism, sentiment, active tool, crutch?
Checklist for dealing with a Lunatic in a panic/depressive state: water, check blood sugar, check star necklace, check bond to bondmate #1 and/or #3 (but especially #1), ground & center, preferred method the stripped-down LBRP.
Household geekery, posts about organization, electronics, shelves I want.

I also, before I forget again, need to take the stereo apart so I can use it. I also need to see if any of Sis's CDs are in there, so I can get them back to her before she leaves after the LF's school gets out for the year. I want to make a good workout mix CD, one that definitely features the Swift song and "Thé à la menthe".
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