May 18th, 2005

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Honeymoon's Over

One way to get me angry enough to throw things? Consistent use of faulty generalizations in a self-depreciating rant featuring one of my least favorite organizations in the world.

I hung up on him. Now I'm stomping over to continue this discussion in person.
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    'irate' does not even begin to cover it
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Yay for communication.

Barged over to see Figment. Cooled down on the way. Had a good long talk. Naomi felt very useful in that her perspective and skills were employed. Problems were fixed, even though changes have occurred.

All is reasonably good.
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Yay travel!

Going to the mini family reunion in LA near the beginning of June. Grandma is in a nursing home (she was having difficulty living alone, and she went under protest, but since she was in active danger of causing a fire or something, we couldn't let her keep living alone) and it's time to clean up the house and get it ready to sell.

I've got my tickets now.

Guide Dog Aunt is determined to make this as good an event as possible for everyone concerned, so there will be an early 88th birthday party for Grandma.
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freshstartwrite notes

New bellydance place opening up on 43rd and Cactus; grand opening Saturday. Wonder if they've got Monday classes?

Trying to get a little more done on cuttingrmfloor before things get really nutty. I'll probably not. But hey, at least it's, um, stuff. (link from easalle; better than Strongbad according to her)

"It can't get out of its own way." -- meacu1pa on the rental econobox she's driving now after the fender-bender

cuttingrmfloor? First draft is finished. When I get home & so forth, I'll figure out where I left off and post the rest of it to the community so my excellent beta-readers can take a gander at it. Yay!
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12:01 am Thursday, May 19th.

Last-minute things ROX0R when they work out. I've snagged a second ticket because Figment may want to come along with, and if not, bestowing a gift upon a stranger is a good thing.
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I can't stay at Cafe Fiat. I have to go home and get ready and then go off for the movie. Nice religious discussion going on, with azwriter and the new older woman going off on each other over religion. It's really interesting to sit in on, but -- I've gotta zoom!!!
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Phone Post:

97K 0:23
“No spoilers yet: in the theatre, got the seats. Figment got the popcorn and soda. We are haaaaappy. [unintelligible] I have to write. I'm probably going to explode; fortunately, I have paper journal and pen; I'll live. [giggling] I'm so excited. This is a tradition for me.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic