May 19th, 2005

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Spoilers for Sith!

OMFG. Who would have thought that Padme was going to have twins? And who would have thought that Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader, who was incidentally Luke Skywalker's father?

But now, some actual thoughts...
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It looks like it'll watch just as well in a row as it does middle-endian.

Collapse ) (Figment and I have agreed that Kermit the Frog would make the best president for the US, and that's about as far as our political alignments line up. I regret that I have but one vote to cast for my country to neutralize my two closest bondmates.) Collapse )

Not very coherent. I'm going to watch it again, hopefully with a Darkside.
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Non-spoilery Star Wars stuffage

I got the tickets online at Cafe Fiat, and then became too bouncy to sit still. I called Figment and left a message on his machine, then scrambled. On the way home, I figured I'd drop in at work to see if he was still in there, because it might be too late by the time he got home and got the message. I parked (badly) and ran in, much to the amusement of co-workers.

You see, this Lunatic is often a sedate Lunatic, and plump little sedate Lunatics do not tend to gallop across the parking lot like madwomen. Work-standard Lunatics do not tend to wear blue jean tiered skirts, nor do they tend to wear Pink Floyd t-shirts. (the cover art for Dark Side of the Moon, naturally.) While they do often grin like a Lunatic, they do not tend to skip and twirl through the workplace when they are technically not actually working, and especially they do not tend to explain their over-energetic state by saying, "Whee! Episode III! WHEEE!"

I put the question to the Figment, and the Figment responded affirmatively -- sure, he'd be fine with being dragged along to see the movie! I arranged for him to go tend to his carpool, and I would go home and freshen up, and I'd come and pick him up.

And thus it happened.

Star Wars on opening night is a tradition for me -- I saw Episode I in Fairbanks on opening night with Fuzzy Modem with his head shaved and painted like R2-D2's dome (and it was very well-done, if I do say so myself) and Rocki in my Yoda shirt; I saw Episode II on opening night at the AZ Mills mall with Dawn and her brother Darth T-Rex and his wife and their children and some other associated children, making for five children age eleven and under (a liberal application of Hershey bars made the night run much more smoothly for everyone; I had brought an industrial-sized package of them with me, and handed them out indiscriminately at the first sign of restive behavior; consequently, there was no whining, crying, or fighting); and I saw Episode III tonight downtown at the last minute with Figment.

Figment and I clearly have a Star Wars marathon in the works, because he was talking about fine points of fighting choreography from I to III, and I'd utterly spaced the finer details of certain fight scenes to compare them against the current one. Hmmm... I now have a Brilliant Idea for my birthday celebration, an idea that involves Figment, me, Darkside, a media playback setup, and an entire unoccupied day.
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True to my nature...

I'm just a squeeing fangirl at heart, after all. I slept cuddled up with my beat-up plastic lightsabre last night. This morning, my neck started doing that bad thing where it feels and sounds like a gang of Rice Krispies invaded in my sleep. I have the new hot-pad on it, and I'm already feeling somewhat, but not entirely, better.

But. Star Wars. Yay! I think I shall want to recruit Darkside for a repeat viewing sooner rather than later. I sent him off an e-mail already.

Given that I like this one, good ol' Fuzzy Modem probably hates it. I'll have to ask him if he went to this one, and if he did, if he dressed up.