May 21st, 2005

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Teenyboppers and other such nonsense

The Check-In Princess was out yesterday, so I was check-in today and yesterday both. Yesterday was dreadful. Today was a lot better, except my neck was still hurting.

Figment gave off a few cluons as to who the Mystery Chick who was hitting on him without subtlety, tact, or appropriateness might be. He's not the best at remembering any sort of useful physical description to point someone out to someone else, which is sort of how I am, only I have a better chance at remembering a physical descriptor of someone I really want to point out. I finally narrowed it down to one top suspect, and asked him to confirm or deny by seating assignment.

Figment confirmed.

I will be gentle with the daft little thing, and will not punt her into the next galaxy for daring to hit on My Bondmate. After all, she can't be much over eighteen, and my bondmate is nearing forty. And my bondmate has absolutely no interest in her -- the age difference is such (both mental and physical) that she doesn't even look old enough to be thinking about t3h s3xx0rs, much less anyone (like him) considering her for such. (She's not only young, but also absolutely tiny -- she's very short and very thin, and a catty comment was made by someone who was not me about her being able to blend in at an elementary school.)

If she were going about it in a more appropriate way, I might not disapprove so violently. But as she's utterly unsuited for Figment (he has observed so to me, so I'm going on his judgment) and has started making her move so badly (again, his assessment -- he doesn't usually react like that to something) that I shall have to make it entirely clear that the Alpha Bitch has prior claim.

Snaaa. Hiss.
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Morning, and things about that:

Neck doesn't hurt as much.

Did laundry last night; yay laundry.

Taking the hot pad with me to work for the neck, because I know I'll stress and feel like crap.

Yay not having to go in early today!!

Darkside's busy today; I needn't bother calling.

There was a really loud pigeon outside just now.
running, bomb tech

Potentially Very Scary Things

Scary & Wrong Crossovers: Revenge of the Sith!Anakin Skywalker crossed over with with Napoleon Dynamite. The hair could cause some kind of cosmic implosion. Ditto with the dialogue.

Figment & company have game tonight. I might make an appearance.

cadhla has fic from a Star Trek RPG, gone AU from the RPG: "Daze of the Week", wherein there is a very wacky Trill bartender. It is delightful.

Via shadesong: Jaxxon's 11 -- also very scary silly crossover/parody thingy.
running, bomb tech

Good Things

My neck seems to be working again, thanks to some intensive massaging with one of my assorted bits of electronics (which is finally being put to the manufacturer-label-intended use), liberal application of a hotpad (which is not like a Tonja Steele wetbag, really it isn't), and some very pointed relaxation efforts at work, when I noticed that I'm carrying my stress in my shoulders.

Saved money from last paycheck and good hours on this most recent paycheck mean that I will be able to get storage furniture sooner rather than later, which means that I'll be able to put things away effectively sooner rather than later, which will directly contribute to my quality of life and happiness.

I got a fire extinguisher the other day, finally, which also makes me happy. I've been living for too long in a place without one, which contributes to unseen stress levels. A place doesn't feel Safe to me unless it's got a convenient fire extinguisher.

Motley gave me about two pounds of fresh figs. (She has a tree. She therefore has more figs than she can safely consume by herself.) What am I supposed to do with two pounds of fresh figs?
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