May 25th, 2005

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Went & snagged trystan_laryssa for hangout-time. Turns out that Figment's mental furniture-moving is more extensive than I realized. I hope he comes out OK. Like he said, he's no longer my charge. And, ow. I miss him? But I have nothing I can do right now but care about him and wait.

Turned out that trystan_laryssa has been wanting to see Fake for a long time, and I just so happened to have it! Much fun was had.

Except when we got back and she turned on the screen, the last half of But I'm a Cheerleader was on. Since it had come up in discussion over dinner, we had to watch it. I mentioned that onyxrising had recommended it to me.

Much fun.

trystan_laryssa has offered up their living room for my birthday party, and they've got the original trilogy widescreen boxed set as well. So if Darkside feels sociable... *grin*

We'll see.
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Saints, and the musical background

When the saints go marching in
Oh when the saints go marching in
Lord, I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in.

It speaks much of the general amount of music-geeking that went on around me when I was small, the music-geeking-like-air-that-you-don't-notice-until-it's-gone, that today was the first day that I thought, in the shower, "Oh. When it says 'I want to be in that number,' it actually means, 'When all the saints are counted up, I want to be counted with the saints,' rather than, 'When auditions are being held for who gets to play in the marching band when the saints go marching in, I want to make the auditions and be playing in the band for that march number'!"
running, bomb tech

Assorted (links for shutdown): -- my text messaging is not working up to par. Yarr. I think there's nothing really I can do at this point but swap it over to "provider unknown" and have my own fun with it. Therefore, all text messages sent to me via LJ are going to be shorter than they might have been. -- hot stuff. Chilies. Science. Yay. -- "Hazmat" hot sauce. Yowza! Warning: anything using "extract" for a hot sauce, beware the fuck out of. -- more chili humor. Ow. -- my thoughts on the whole animal vs. vegetable eat-things-that-won't-mind-it thing. Think of the poor lettuce! -- via metaquotes, on the appropriateness of the dove as a symbol of peace, in the form of dove vs. polite rat.