May 26th, 2005

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Eventful! Also, people.

Today's movie at the plasma place was Are We There Yet?, which I found terribly cute. I got off to a late start, which ensured that I was fifteen or twenty minutes late to writing group. *sigh*

Turned out that the fanfic-writing chick, the redhead, is actually the roommate of an old college classmate of mine, the Former AOL Tech Support Phone Goon. This came out when the redhead came along to Cafe Fiat with us, and brought her ride, who was said former classmate's wife. We recognized each other, in the "Gosh, doesn't she look familiar" way, and when she mentioned her husband's name, it clicked, and yeah, she was the one. Delight! Hooray! The guy and I were never particularly close, but fen have a way of sticking together.

easalle is going to get on my case about going to bellydance on Mondays. Since Mondays are also plasma days, I stand a chance of having the cash on hand to do the classes. Yay bellydance?

I was going to head right on home, but since I saw police car flashy action down McDowell to the west, I swung east instead, and wound up dropping by Figment's. Figment wound up asking if I could take a look at his ancient desktop, and while I started out doing so, Naomi wound up doing most of it. I had to make a few remarks about her language. She's old enough to talk like that, but it's excessively rude of her to be swearing in front of that particular man. We also made an appreciable dent in the mess in his den while we were waiting for the computer to reboot and reboot and reboot. (He's running '98, and there was no reinstall between him and the previous owner. *facepalm* And there are lots of things on there with mad tentacl3z that don't want to be removed.) Naomi started playing with the computer at maybe 10:45, and didn't pry herself away from it for two hours. The reboots got faster, though, as more crap came off the thing.

Naomi needs help with her analogies. I suppose most of the startup crap that doesn't need to be on while starting up is sort of like starting the car with the lights on, the wipers on, the music blaring, the interior lights on, the power windows getting fiddled with, and the A/C on full blast, and any other thing that it's possible to turn on being turned on, but it's not a very standard analogy. But then, since when was Naomi standard?

We found out that the oil in Siete was low (evidently she's started burning it, which is sad), and we only had about a quarter-bottle of it, and the 7-11 didn't have V's preferred brand, so we went off and got some. Of course, there was massive wandering-around-and-shopping as well, featuring an encounter with a few young men playing with outdoor swings ("Wanna come play with us?") and an encounter with a guy checking out markers, which he was evidently in the habit of using to decorate himself. The checkout clerk had a buffer full error on her cash register, and she and some of the other people hanging around wanted to know what a buffer was. So while one of the guys went off to ask a supervisor, Naomi explained it. Naomi's explanation, of course, was more detailed than the official explanation...

I'm starting to really feel like a grown-up. It's eerie.
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Tonight, the redheaded fanficcer had more yaoi to share, and this time, I wound up reading it.

One of my derangements is that when I see something wrong, I correct it. So in the middle of reading this explicit sex scene, M/M/M, that had half the audience fanning themselves (though the a/c or lack thereof in the room contributed), there I was with blue sparkle-pen fixing wrong words and Bad Typing Moments.

There was this utter eruption of laughter.

You had to be there.

Incidentally, there is the need of a few smutty synonyms -- what does one call the vigorous Collapse ) Because Collapse ) just does not work. In fact, it did not work to very hilarious effect.

Good times. Good times.
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The past is ... at least not the present.

Yakky, if you read this -- I'm still annoyed and uneasy, but I'm not actually mad anymore. For what it's worth. That is to say, I probably still have some yelling left in me, but once I'm all yelled out, I won't keep generating things to yell about.

And the LF did miss you lots.
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Judgment (expanded from a comment elsewhere)

There are a fair amount of religious/philosophical/moral texts that say that the role of the human is not to judge others, that the universe/God/whatever will take care of that. But day-to-day life for humans seems to involve all kinds of judgment calls.

It's not actually a real dilemma, whether to Not Judge and take the moral high ground, or to do the sane, safe, and smart thing and limit the amount of things you're uncomfortable with having around you. They're really very different operations. There's a distinct difference between saying, "You're a bad person and I hate you and you'll suffer for this!" and "From what has been happening, I don't think you're doing/involved with the sort of things I want to be around."

It's not for us to judge another's heart and motivations against good and evil (although we may be tempted in extreme cases, see "Godwin's Law"). But it is for us to judge a person's actions against "things I am willing to be around and put up with." The first is a divine privilege, or only done within one's own heart. The second is not just a human right, but a human responsibility.
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Fwd from dustraven: Irish Coffee (Viagra joke)

An Irish woman of advanced age visited her physician to ask his help in reviving her husband's libido.

"What about trying Viagra?" asked the doctor.

"Not a chance," she said. "He won't even take an aspirin."

"Not a problem," replied the doctor. "Drop it into his coffee. He won't even taste it. Give a try and call me in a week to let me know how things went."

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Yay security!

Besides AdAware, SpyBot S & D, and using a modern browser like Firefox, what are people's favorite security tools? Naomi's making up a toolkit CD, and she's not sure what she wants to put on there besides those three things. (She's got those burned already, and she feels very grown-up.)

(And yes. She's getting herself a copy of Phlak, because that's what some of the grown-ups at the DeLUG meeting suggested. After they told their war stories about pretending the network printer was doing the port scan and swapping the printer test page on a HP printer for the Epson printer test page.)
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