June 4th, 2005

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Actually, it is.

I think this song contains a not-so-subtle reference to "MacArthur Park". A hope to never see that recipe again counts as a mention of "I'll never see that recipe again", right?

I hope it's going to be a good one. It's been a decent one already: good fic, good music, and soon to be good cleaning.
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More fanfiction -- why is this stuff in my head?

wolfieboy mentioned over in a post of shadesong's something about how, with the well-written villains, you could turn the story around and have it work the other way -- the villain of the old story would be the hero of the new, and so on and so forth.

I mentioned there that I'd told the Little Fayoumis the Tragedy of Anakin Skywalker (before the release of Episode III, I might add) and the Tragedy of Konstantine Bothari (a topic that was mentioned onList years ago).

And then I suddenly had Bothari in my head, wanting his story told. The diction is familiar to the readers of the Russian fairy tales. And then the demons started speaking up. The angels will be starting to talk next, I think.

Bothari's a complex man for someone so allegedly simple.

The challenge is going to be describing all the complexities in simple vocabulary, both to illustrate Bothari's limited intelligence and to keep the story within the reading range of a kid the Little Fayoumis's age. Additionally, I want to artificially limit Bothari's vocabulary to exclude words that would take the story out of PG-13 range. I want to describe all the gruesome things that happen to him in such a way so that younger readers wouldn't be too horribly disturbed, yet make sure it's disturbing enough to have the desired effect on adult readers.

We'll see how it goes.
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A Night and a Day

trystan_laryssa and I wound up doing some late-night shopping last night, including finding (after much angst and shelf-searching) a copy of Attack of the Clones widescreen. This was an occasion of much joy, so we wound up at the nearby "Loren's Denny's" for some more girl-time.

Unfortunately, the bathroom featured someone else's lost cookies, which I found with my shoe. Then, my burger's bun had mold on the bottom. We didn't fly off the handle; they didn't upgrade the service, though the tainted item was replaced, and presumably the restroom was cleaned.

trystan_laryssa will be cooking at each other next Monday night; I'm going to make a reprise of the mushrooms, and she's going to make crab puffs. Yay! I may also create teriyaki chicken.

Today at work featured me and Livewire, and a quart plastic bag of cherries. I was a happy Lunatic. I gave Stressy College Chick her birthday present early -- a ten-pack of highlighters. She was thrilled and thanked me profusely. They'd been on her list to get for herself, but it hadn't yet made it into the actually getting. Now she can proceed to color things, and possibly people. (She and I made a delightful rhyming nickname for Cute Geek Super when he gets all pervy, because he was getting on our nerves by the end of the shift. We'll pull it out "by accident" the next time he gets bad, and it'll be all over the department in a week.)

The Miss Lunatic vs. the Documentation Exercise saga continues to unfold; I got my revised documentation exercise bounced back to me today with instructions to revise it again and return it by Monday. I put it in the specified format and returned it today, and added at the end that in case of need to work it over another time, I would be out of the office until next Friday. No need to risk a repeat performance of the "Where's Miss Lunatic?" difficulty.

It would be really nice if I could get an extra $0.25 bonus on top of everything else for that time that I spend doing geek-work at the office. Today I got to troubleshoot my own bad network connection, discerning that packets were going out but none were going in, and coming up with the "where the hell is my cable?" answer, especially given the suspicious timing of the network outage and the fact that it was localized to just my box. I'd set my purse down next to the uplink cable, and suddenly the network goes out? The cable should not be that sensitive to bonking, but when the thing went back on after I jiggled cables, that meant ... it was too that sensitive. *sigh*

I pointed out the place where the RJ-45 jack was mangled and shoved back at an awkward and wrong angle into the box, and the fact that the cat-5 cable was probably damaged from kicking from where it was located. Stressy College Chick Super might write an e-mail, and with any good luck, that'll get fixed. I proposed a molly-guard, which would be a good start, but the jack needs replacing to stop being such a bitch, the cable needs replacing, and the computer still needs a good clean-off from the adware on it. And I'm not about to install additional Unauthorized Products on the computer to fix0r the bad shiznit that my co-workers have installed, because in the way such things work, they'd get a mild glare, and I'd be the one smacked firmly on the wrist and told that I was Being Watched because I should Know Better. So I'll suffer in not-very-loud grumpiness.

I'm still not very packed. I'll take care of that later. At least the apartment is presentable, though I'll definitely re-think that position tomorrow before Darkside shows up.
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Mission accomplished.

Fun had by all. Clone Wars seen; Revenge of the Sith seen. Silly Gandalf card handed over; gift bag with Fry's Electronics certificate and Pink Floyd t-shirt handed over the other way. Other item handed over without fuss. He's got the crystal that we gave him on his keychain still. His car needs serious work. We had fun. Hugs exchanged. Happiness is.
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So, yeah. Everything is good and happy and whee!

And on that note, I'm going to get something half-prepared, and then start scooting. Time's a-wasting, and I want to make the most of this whole "birthday" thing.

Peace out, y'all. I'll be making a few phone posts here and there, and LJ text messaging is on, but don't expect me near a computer from about a half-hour from now until sometime Wednesday.