June 5th, 2005

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Still Awake: Good Dinner

The Star Wars event with Darkside didn't last as long as I thought it would, so I went ahead and decided to see if I could make it mushroom and crab puff night with trystan_laryssa sooner than we were planning on. It was game night, so figment0 was already there when I showed up. I'd decided that it wouldn't take me all that long to pack (I've gotten better about my explorations into Reasonably Known Territory) so I was able to clean out the duffel bag, the backpack, and the purse in record time after getting certain crucial ingredients at the store.

Dinner was mushrooms, teriyaki chicken bits, and crab puffs. I like a bit more cream cheese in my crab puffs than trystan_laryssa does. My cooking was pronounced a success. Her cooking was pronounced a success.

It was a good birthday. And Darkside has my spare key now, so he can get inside my apartment in case of emergency. I was rather expecting for him to be a little more ... argumentative ... on that part, but he added the Sith Lord keychain with the spare key to his already deadly-looking keychain with only some commentary: "Oh, I'm a Sith Lord now, am I?" and questions: "When you move, management's going to want this back, right? ... So make sure and let me know so I can get that back when you move."

He's an altogether sweet young man, and I want to keep him. He smells nice, too.
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pretty, Francine

I feel pretty...

Today I saw Darkside wearing my standard work blacks, with my hair down and brushed out neatly, the rings and necklaces I wear day-to-day, absolutely no makeup ... and I felt if not downright ravishing, at least attractive.

I was standing tall and smiling, I wasn't about to lose my cookies nervous, I wasn't jittering like a caffiene fiend, I didn't have a speck of makeup on (lip gloss for lips-not-cracking purposes doesn't count) ... and I knew I was pretty.

I think he might have seen it too.

It feels like starting over. It's a good thing. I think we're both adults now.
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Voice Post: Voice Post: Eventful!

423K 1:55
“Already it's been very eventful, although not in an unresolvable way. I had sort of forgotten to actually print out or write down certain crucial things, like the terminal I was leaving from, the actual flight number, my confirmation code, and, you know, the time the flights were leaving, happy little things like that.

So when I got to figment0's house, I suddenly realized this, as I was checking the information to see what terminal he should drop me off at.

And we dashed inside. His very elderly compaq running windows 98, ISP ... AOL ... somehow, for some reason failed to connect to the internet, so I wound up calling the wonderful and talented amberfox, the wonderful talented and trustworthy Amberfox, who was able to log in to my e-mail and retrieve the pertinent information.

So I'm now hanging out at gate B1, terminal 4, Phoenix Sky Harbor airport *giggle* waiting for my flight to head off to LAX.


It's been a day, all right, but it's been really fun so far.

I think I had the best birthday ever today. Or yesterday. It's still today, I haven't really gone to sleep yet.

I did get a nap.

See you later, LJ.”

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phone, cordless phone

Phone Post

[Invalid audio link: 29]

(you hung up without pressing #. posting privately in case it was an accident.)
It was. Grandma's house ate the cellphone signal.
phone, cordless phone

Voice Post: Safe & sound at Grandma's.

308K 1:25
“I'm at Grandma's safe and sound. I got here a little too early this morning. I had only gotten about 1 hour of sleep due to everything combined.

I did get a nap.

Everything here is going well so far.

I have met the assorted grab bag of relatives, including the one I was wanting to avoid. Everything with that has gone well so far. So much for my not calling them by their title. I seem to be getting along with them and have not yet bashed them about the head with a nerf bat or anything like that.

Grandma is as well as can be expected. Seeing the aunts is a delight.

It's been a long day, and I only expect it to get longer. There is very bad signal at Grandma's, so the phone may be off. In that case, the answering machine is still around.

I will probably post somewhat later. It's been just an interesting day. I have a box with buttons and so on and so forth.

Talk to you later, guys.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic
phone, cordless phone

Voice Post: Deprivation has set in.

426K 2:13
“Deprivation has started to set in. There is a humungous yard sale going on. Grandma needs medication.

Guide Dog Aunt has a poodle, um, Aunt-Fayoumis is around. Uncle-Fayoumis is not. Neither is Guide Dog Uncle. Uh. My Uncle Davy's oldest boy and his wife have been here.

Everything's [whistles] I'd say interesting? I'd say boring?
There's a lot of stuff getting moved around and a lot of assorted dust and grime and ... evidently there are black widow spiders around. And that that does not thrill me, quite understandably.

*sigh* I don't like spiders. I really don't like poisonous spiders very much either.

eh... that's life.

I expect that there will probably be five million messages in my in-box when I get back. The text message thing is open, should be open, who knows if I'm actually getting any. I haven't gotten any so far. Is that you guys or is that my end? I don't know.

nyerrr. ... Guide Dog Aunt is on one of her health food kicks again, which means no joy for anybody. *giggles* She does that. The magic word is Trader Joe's, though. I'd say you get things like jam. ... uhhhh

I feel like I'm camping and underpacked.

Talk to you guys later, hope to hear from some of you. I'm probably going to crash out for the night now. Goodnight, guys.”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic