June 8th, 2005

phone, cordless phone

Airport post!

Hooray for terminal in airport! anti-hoorray for sucky
keyboard and blocking raranax and
update.bml for adult. GDCousin I can understand;
update.bml not so much. Loving being back online.
Bringing my laptop next time. Avoided problematical
relatives as much as possible; hung out with cool
relatives. Yay the grab bag of relatives! I am glad to
be going back. I have a monster duffel bag to carry on
the bus.

LJ is fun, but I'm spending enough time here as it is.
Updates that I text messaged myself will be posted
when I get back to Thalia. If I'd brought her with me,
there'd have been long posts queued in the client. 1.5
hours until my flight leaves; 1 hour until I board.
Yay boredom?
running, bomb tech

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So, yeah. I'm back.

Now to start with the posting of the 50 billion text messages I sent to myself, followed by expansion.

The trip was excellent, with the usual caveats.
fangirl, _schools4303


Proper use of one-dimensional villains: converting three-dimensional characters to join the Dark Side, thus giving us 3D villains like Darth Vader.

Dawn and I were discussing this while shopping, and she came up with the #1 reason why young Skywalker (the elder) went to the Dark Side: Palpatine promised to never call him 'Annie'.

I need more icons.