June 9th, 2005

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Things about vacation (part the first of several):

Airplane seats and I have reached a treaty of mutual loathing. Both of us are vexed. Airline safety videos can be unintentionally funny. It would be utterly hilarious to, say on an appropriate day such as April 01, replace an airline safety video with something with the same safety information content but more ... creatively ... presented. Also, boozin' is evidently for pilots on the airline I just flew!

I packed fewer sets of clothes than I had days away, and I still overpacked, but as some of them were used as packing, it was all for the good.

I come by my temper honestly, both from Grandma's side of the paternal line and GrandfatherSir's side of the paternal line. Grandma is my only surviving grandparent.

One of the aunts dug up a pamphlet on V.D. from 1971. Several copies, in fact. Once the scanner is operational, a copy will be shared. I was of the opinion that it would be a good thing to print up and distribute on college campuses as if serious -- novelty vintage sex-ed!

Even when I am not trying to, I accumulate books. I was vexed that Dad took the local copy of East of the Sun, West of the Moon. I wound up reading that cover to cover, then reading the story about the Mother of the Bride from It Was on Fire When I Lay Down on It to Aunt-Fayoumis.

Geezerite. Everything's more funny with volcanic eruptions.
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I have a headache now.
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I observe random as well as specific people new to the Lunacy about, so I might as well make with an orientation to the Journal of the Lunatic.

First, I post a lot. The current subtitle is "nearly a prosthetic memory", borrowed shamelessly from lmbujold's Simon Illyan (said on the occasion of his getting a shiny new piece of technology), because that's what I use the journal for, more or less. I put the things in here that I'm going to want to remember later on; I have a habit of re-reading the journals of years past for just this reason.

Since there are a lot of things that I think I'm going to want to remember, or don't know if I'm going to want full detail or not, so I might as well give as much as possible, that means there's a lot of crap in here. The calendar shows a bazillion posts per day, though looking often gives only half that many. That's because I've got a lot of random private crap like things I wrote elsewhere, IM logs, e-mail archives -- so I can look back and see my day at a glance and use that to figure stuff out.

Contents of the journal are anywhere from a slightly more grown-up version of "This is what I did today, Mama!" (well, it's Dad who reads this, and not Mama) to random rambling introspection, wacky stories from my past (especially the ones starring That Idiot Shawn), link soup, random weird things that you had to have been there for, and gods know what else. Of special note are the bits mentioning Darkside. Since I'm madly in love with the fellow (stress the "madly" part) and he has yet to acknowledge any romantic feelings he has for me, every interaction needs careful documentation and then a series of babblings that are either wildly squee-ful or horribly angsty or (horror of horrors) alternating, or both at the same time. (It wouldn't be so bad if he weren't saying he wasn't interested with his mouth and then giving off "I'm interested" signals on a number of other levels, but he is. That means I get to deal with it.) Angst is often given the snippy.

I have gotten used to the weird thing where people wander in, add me, and read me, and I don't know them. This is puzzling to me on many levels, but flattering, because I do the same thing to other people, and the idea that people like my writing is both cool and humbling. I'm OK with this, though I have encountered a few Genuinely Creepy individuals in this way. (Alice, you know more things with more metaphorical Bad Tentacles than I'm willing to deal with sometimes....) Since the friends-page is getting more than somewhat scary, my selection criteria for adding new members to the Friends List of Doom have gotten more picky. I tend to add based on an insane cocktail of Interesting/Compatible with Actual Friend Potential, Previous Connection, Writing Quality and Knowing Through Other People/In Other Media, and I drop based on a formula equally scary. The drop formula includes (lack of) Actual Real Connection, noise-to-signal ratio, Unfortunate Connections, (lack of) Quality Interaction, and many other things. Most of the content in this journal is public; only the dreadfully personal stuff tends to get locked or filtered.

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If there are any random boggling things going on, like exactly where the LJ name came from, or what derangements I have, or commentary on stuff I missed, just drop a comment...
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prayer in flight

I've loved flying for a long time. First, of course, it was jumping off the porch with grocery bags and squares of fabric as parachutes. Airplane flights were interesting trips, but the long ones got boring for younglings. Then I was nervous about turbulence, because I remembered not liking it.

But by the time I was teenage, I was utterly space-mad and reminded myself that hey, turbulence meant free-fall! After that, I liked turbulence a lot more, even if I didn't like being bashed about. My feet and hands ached on takeoff and landing, a reaction I knew was linked to my fear of falling.

Lately I've started praying on takeoff and landing, and at various times throughout the flight. Not, as I suspect other passengers are doing, prayers about not crashing and living to get to the destination, but a simple prayer of thanksgiving: Thank You for this gift of flight.

I suspect if I were ever to go up higher in a craft designed for that, that I wouldn't be able to see the sky black above me for the tears in my eyes.
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Random quotes from work

Rev. Nice Super is a lot less nice in the bullpen than he is to the phone goons, although he's still pretty nice. He does have a wild assortment of bizarre threats, though, one of the latest of which ... well ...

"I'll uptrain your eyeball!"

... yeah.